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Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan|Pakistan

And that he died for all , that they whcih live should not henceforth live unto themselves,but unto him which died for them,and rose again.( 2corinthians 5/15)

Report about Church Project

 IT our mojar need still

As far as our vision of Church, we had a dream of a church for worshiping

because still we are worshiping in open area and under Tents. We had a dream

to purchase a piece of Land for building a Church that we have achieved this July 2011 and now before this coming Christmas 2011, we may build a hall on this plot.

According to country situation, we need a covered area like a Hall for worshiping due to security reason. As every one knows what is current country‘s circumstance after

9/11 of American tragedy in Palistan.


 In nut shall, we have to face many problems due to absence of Church Building

For Example


In winter, we have to stop the prayerful meetings


In raining season, we also face problem


Church goods like Musical Instruments and furniture etc are depreciating very fast. These are going spoil in people‘s Homes


No proper place, we have to change worship place due to some problems off and on that is cause of disturbance for us.  


Many people dislike coming to home of any one


We cannot arrange daily prayerful meeting due to no church


We have to use tent in case of any seminars and pay. We arrange Sunday school in our home like other prayerful meetings. There are many thing are pending

and affecting due to no church. You can say that a church is a plot form for us.

Your one good deed, can save many. The Holy Bible says

“Then you will truly have hope for the future (proverb 23/18)


We need your prayers as well as fund for our church

If any one wants to donate us, please contract


Project detail and further information will be provide on demand





God Bless All Churches &

Peace in the world





Pastor Talib Masih (Chairman)

Eternal Hope in Christ Ministry Pakistan




Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan

Hello Brothers & Sisters in Christ, We are again coming after a log time so please keep us in your prayers God bless all of you.

Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan

God's Plan is like a Movie, all the good and bad things are arranged together for the good ENDING. Have a nice Day

Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan

Power and Money are the fruit of Life BUT family and friends are Roots of Life. Care your loving ones

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