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How do I get rid of McAfee subscription activation errors?

Jul 19, 2019

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McAfee is a world-renowned cybersecurity firm that offers hi-end security software for the safety and security of the digital world. McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security, McAfee login Family Protection, and all its other products have been designed and developed to protect your devices from Spyware, Ransomware, online scams, phishing attacks, and the prying eyes of the cybercrooks. To start with a McAfee antivirus and allow it to scan your device, you have to download, install, and activate it.

If you have multiple McAfee subscriptions then you can manage them all with McAfee My Account. Whether you buy an antivirus online from McAfee website or a physical store, make sure you get the right and unique product key with it. This key is required for the activation of the product. While doing so, you might experience several technical glitches. Here, in this article, we have listed a few of them and provided the most viable solution for the same:

Error Message- “Invalid Product Key”

A 25-character product key is required to activate the subscription, and if you don’t type it correctly or make even a single mistake while entering it, then it will show this message. Therefore, verify the key once again and go for McAfee activate

Error Message- Key already in use

If you are using a key that is already associated with some other McAfee antivirus, then you will see this error message. However, if it is a fresh one as you have just purchased the McAfee antivirus, then contact McAfee support professionals for the help. You can use one McAfee activation key more than once, only if you have purchased a multi-user subscription. 

Error Message- Unable to redeem your retail card online 

This may happen when you don’t type the URL of the website (where you have to redeem the McAfee activation) correctly in the address bar. Verify it to solve the error.  

Error Message- Product key you have entered doesn’t correspond to the country and the language you have chosen 

When you visit the website mentioned on the retail card, you see an option to choose your preferred language and country. Select carefully, and you will not see this error message again.

Error Message- Cannot activate your McAfee subscription 

If you are installing and activating the subscription using a CD and the aforementioned error message displays on your screen then verify the key you have entered. If the problem persists, then check with the store from where you have purchased the antivirus. In the case of McAfee online purchase, you can activate your subscription by visiting mcafee.com/activate

Hope the given solutions were helpful! But if you are still facing the issue, don’t hesitate to contact the McAfee customer support team 1 888-315-9712. You will be provided with nothing but the best solution.