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Fast Food at School Pros and Cons

Nov 18, 2019

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Most students operate under tight schedules. They have limited time to cook. They have to revise for their exams, deal with the pilling assignments, participate in clubs and games, and still have time to socialize and rest. Since they must eat, taking fast food at school is their best option. Fast food comes with advantages and disadvantages. Currently, many lifestyle diseases are associated with health style diseases. Check below and know the cons and pros of eating fast food.


1) Saves Time

Deciding what you would like to cook can be a task. Imagine going to the market, purchasing the goods, preparing them, and cooking. Once you finish, you have to clean the dishes. Do you have the time to do that? You have assignments with near deadlines waiting. The only option you have is to take fast food.

2) Attractive Prices

If you do an overall cost of cooking one meal, you will notice that fast food near me will be cheaper. You will get them at an average of 5-7 dollars a meal. It can be less expensive if you are alone. You will not have to use the fuel to cook. 

3) Health Option

Unlike the common belief, healthy fast food is available in many food joints. You can order a chicken that has calories less than 340. You do not have to always feed on burgers and chips. Salad is also available at a reasonable price.


a) Deceiving Costs

If you are a student and live together with your brothers or roommate, you will realize that the overall cost of fast food is expensive. If you were to cook, you would do a monthly budget that would save almost half the budget of buying the food. 

If assignments are hindering you from getting the time to cook, you can relax. The ca.edubirdie.com is available. The experts will help you with the assignment. You will pay a reasonable price and get quality for your money. 

b) Lower Quality

The hotels have to cook bulk food to maintain demand. That means that the quality will be low. To prepare or even heat the food faster, it has to remain in a frozen state. They also have long-term storage to manage to keep the prices lower.

c) Addictive

Fast food can be very addictive. It is well-packaged and can always attract you to keep on buying it. If you like consuming it with soda, the addiction will increase. The reason being, it has caffeine and a lot of sugar.


The things we eat, such as fast foods, can be very addictive and deceiving. You will feel like you are saving time and money. You will use more money and spend more time treating lifestyle diseases. Unlike cooking at home, fast food is less quality.