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College: Write an Essay Easily

Jul 18, 2019

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Writing an essay is part and parcel of college life. Many students dread this task because they already have a preconceived notion that it is hard. Well, we must admit that essay writing can be a challenge at a time. However, if you stay focused on learning how to write a paper fast and efficiently, you will find essay writing a walk in the park. Here are a few steps to writing your essay easily.

1) Write Introduction

This is the most important part of any writing in college. Your introduction should always shed light on your entire essay. It should also be an attention grabber giving your reader a perfect scene of the whole essay. When drafting your introduction part, you are supposed to simplify any complex terms you intend to use. With a good introduction, the other parts of your essay will just flow logically.

2) Find Someone to Help

It is not always wrong to ask for help with your essay writing. As it is always said, a sharp student is always ready to get corrections. Therefore, you should ask for help from experts to help you write your essay and improve your skills.

Essay writing can become a challenge when it is an entry requirement in your college. At this time, you are not yet exposed to any college materials or resources, so there are high chances you have no idea how to do this. EduBirdie is a perfect place to get help if you want your essays written first.

3) Identify a Suitable Topic

Students usually have difficulties in choosing a topic to write about. This part makes them find it difficult to tackle the entire essay. Topic selection is the first step on how to write a research paper fast when given by your supervisor. The selection of your topic will always narrow your points and make sure they all lie within that topic. Whenever you have a topic in mind early enough, it will be very easy for you to determine the purpose of your writing hence making it easy to write an essay.

4) The Body

 Students always have difficulties in writing the body in their essay. Once you have the topic and the introduction written perfectly, the body now becomes a challenge. If reckless, it can drain a lot of your time. Lack of enough knowledge on writing the body can lead to poor quality. A perfect way to speed up the writing of your essay body and still maintain your papers quality is to do thorough research. There are more than enough resources on the internet and your college library.


Students should always aim to write a good quality essay at any stage of their education. An essay should also not take away most of your time if you can find ways to do it easily. You are on your way towards scoring good grades with a well-written essay.