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The Salvation of Nations Ministry -TSNM|India

Ensure joy on every face!


Pray for sis. santi, she is possessed with devil in her hometown (Unnaw, UP). Pray that may God completely heal and deliver her from all evil forces; and bless her life.


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My All  Beloved in Christ,

greeting you all in the name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I am so delighted to share my testimony to all of you. This is Raj Babu Jha, I am 30 years old. I was born in a small village of Bihar, INDIA, On 12. August, 1983. My parental background was Hindu Brahman and I grown upto 16 years of my life in the same parental background. In 1984 my parents came to the Delhi, and get settled here, I completed my primary, secondary and senior secondary education in Delhi  (capital of India). 

In 1999 one fine day, I went to my school there I found that my all friends were making a plan to go for picnic celebration, event was conducted by The Philadelphia Church, Delhi. On 20th January,1999 I went to picnic with my all fiends at Old fort, Delhi. There first time I met my Christian friends, and that was 1st time for me to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. But I knew that God has chosen me, before my birth in my mother wombe, because since my childhood I do not like any idols worship and other Hindu tradition and rituals.That special day I decided to invite Jesus Christ in my heart as my Lord and Savior. That day itself I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior after that day I started to attend the every Sunday Church service,my parents do not know this. One day my father knew about this all activity what I use to do, he started making objection and finally one day he beaten me and other families members and my mother also started opposing me after some day finally they kicked me out from the house, same way I faced so many opposition, persecution from family and society, but I could not keep myself away from the love of Jesus and finally on 16, October 1999 I took baptism in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

After the few month God open the door for me to learn more about the word of God, And I get enrolled for 2 year course called ICT (Institute of Community Transformation). During that course I got baptism of the Holy Spirit, and I was anointed by the Holy Ghost and  received gift of healing, preaching, prophecy and the Spirit of Discernment, interpretation. Along this course I got opportunity to preach the gospel and share the word of God and so many souls get saved for the kingdom of God and accepted Jesus Christ in their life.  

By the grace of God I got several privileges to get involved into the relief and rehabilitation work as volunteer and relief coordinator, in  several part (Gujarat, Bihar, Orissa, J&K etc) of India. Same way I got chance to serve among the children's in Delhi and other part of India. By the grace of God I could raise and train some leaders and preachers and send them to their own place to serve the Lord. 

I had a privilege to get involved in the Philadelphia Bible college as an in-charge and administrator, I have been 4 year in the Bible college.  Department as well as administrator of Philadelphia Ministry. By the grace of God I got privilege to translate many books, magazine and massage from English to Hindi. I got privilege to be a speaker of crusade and meetings through that God brought in-numbers of souls in the church and Christian community.

I thank God and praise to His name, He chosen me and made me worthy to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He gave me His call and commanded to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  By spirit of the Lord used me and I could perform many miracle and wonders for His name sake only. 

So please pray for me that I may complete vision and call what I received from Jesus…… 

Please keep me and God's ministry in your personal prayer...!

May God Bless you richly  

Rev.Raj Babu Jha

(Evangelist, Director)

The Salvation of Nations Ministry


The Salvation of Nations Ministry -TSNM

Greetings to all our friends & partners! I'm happy to say that now you can visit our ministry website very soon. It's under process to be complete. I invite you all to visit our website: www.tsnmindia.org and share with neighbor and friends als

The Salvation of Nations Ministry -TSNM wrote a comment to the prayer Pray for Bro. Vijay of The Salvation of Nations Ministry -TSNM

Pray for Chosen Generation Youth Club, may God unite all youth in one accord, and help them to grow into the faith of Jesus Christ.

The Salvation of Nations Ministry -TSNM

Hi... friends, greeting you in the name of Jesus Christ! "The Salvation of Nations Ministry, invites all like minded people to join us in the ministry. If you to know more bout us, write us: tsnmindia@gmail.com

The Salvation of Nations Ministry -TSNM 在你相片廊Mukti-Data Janmotasv - 2017上寫了評論

All glory to my savior

The Salvation of Nations Ministry -TSNM

Respected friends, we greet you all in the sweet name of Jesus Christ! we are to pay our regards to all who sincerely prayed and supported us in last years. Friends we make an appeal to join us, and keep supporting and praying for us in the

The Salvation of Nations Ministry -TSNM

Hello, beloved friends, greeting you all in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Here I would love to make some update. Our correspondence address is "The Salvation of Nations Ministry # 175, Block (B), Raja vihar Colony, Samaipur Badli, Delhi - 110042, India Tel. +91 11 27851208, 9810 85 7469

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An appeal or Invitaion

Dear Sir/Madam, Greeting you matchless name of Lord Jesus Christ! It gives immense pleasure to informing you that the “The Salvation of Nations Ministry “NGO. Working towards igniting smiles of the lesser privileged section of society in | 更多


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