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17, For we are not like so many, who peddle the word of God for profit; but we are speaking in Christ before God as persons of sincerity, as persons sent from God. 2 Corinthians 2




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NO PLAN CAN STAND I  TRIED  EVERY DAY TO GET DOREEN BACK HOME. FREE HER FROM THOSE WHO TOOK HER AWAY. I WAS THE ONE WHO CALLED HOSPICE FOR HELP AND IT KILLED MY WIFE, I MURDERED MY OWN WIFE. THIS IS WHAT I GOT, I WAS  DECEIVED INTO DOREEN TAKEN AWAY FROM HER OWN HOME WITHOUT HER PERMISSION BY KELLY, SEASON'S HOSPICE AT THAT TIME  WHO HAS DIISAPEARED WITH HER RECORDS WITH EVAN, HEAD NURSE AT THE VILLAS AND A HAPPY MARRIAGE OF SIXTY SEVEN YEARS. I WAS THE ONE CALLED HOSPICE RECOMMENDED BY "OUR" FAMILY DOCTOR FOR SOME RELIEF FROM COMPASSIONATE, PROGRESS AT HOME CARE AND NURSE JACKIE SET HELL ON FIRE AGAINST US AND TOLD EVERYONE IT WAS BETTER FOR DOREEN AFTER LESS THAN A MINUTE MEETING HER, AND SHE CALLED HER FRIEND AT SEASON'S HOSPICE, KELLY. WE DOCUMENTED THEIR LIES AND PRAY "OUR" CHIEF ADVOCATE WHO KNOWS BEST GIVES DOREEN RELEASE. IT HAS BEEN TWENTY MONTHS FOR A FIVE DAY RESPITE IN A NURSING HOME. DOREEN IS HELD HOSTAGE FOR HER SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE AND MEDICAID AND HIRED A LAWYER, JENNIFER CARNEY, TO PROTECT THE VIALLS OF SILVER BELL  INTEREST IN STEALING "OUR" ESTATE OF LIFETIME SAVINGS TO HELP SPECIAL NEEDS SON WITH A TRUST AND A PLACE TO STAY. WE ARE NOT SMILING! NO CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED, NO,TRIAL OR JURY. JUST ONE MISLED JUDGE, LINDA HALLMARK, AND WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SMILE, AND TAKE  IT?  WE ARE NOT HAPPY CAMPERS IN THE VILLAS OF SILVER BELL ESTATES NURSING HOME. ALL BLAME AND SHAME BELONGS TO THEM. KEY INDIVIDUALS HAVE DISAPPEARED. WARNING, HOW'S YOUR MUM? WHO'S NEXT?  DOREEN LEFT TO DIE ALONE AMONG STRANGERS? I CANNOT CALL HER OR SEE HER. THEY ONLY HAVE ONE PHONE TO CALL OUT ON, EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF A FLU  EPIDEMIC,  IF THEY WOULD ALLOW IT. SHERIFF SAID I CANNOT CALL 911?  V. A. FREEDOM ALERT DOES NOT WORK. FLU BUG WILL GET THEM, SORRY! MY SON IS BACK AND WANTS TO TAKE OVER TO BRING DOREEN BACK HOME AGAIN, SOON! HIRED MORE LAWYERS.  Thoughts for today (December 29)   “No Plan Can Stand”   The women went to tell the followers. At the same time, some of the soldiers that were guarding the tomb went into the city. They went to tell the leading priests everything that happened. Then the priests met with the older Jewish leaders and made a plan. They paid the soldiers much money {to tell a lie}. — Matthew 28:11-12 (ERV) Key Thought: They made a plan! We've heard this before. They had been planning for a long time how they would get rid of Jesus. When Judas accepted their deal, they thought they had this "Jesus Problem" figured out. Little did they know that their plan was going to put them in opposition to God. Little did they know that their plans would not only furnish the early disciples—and us—a Savior, but also furnish them the fire to spread their message all over the world. But for now, they needed a plan because they had been defeated at their execution of Jesus. He arose from the grave! It was a grave guarded by Roman soldiers. They had even asked for the soldiers to guard the tomb to keep anything from happening to the body. But when you oppose God and his work, your plans are doomed to fail. We are the living proof of their failure and the failure of generations like them. Jesus' followers still know that he is the Living Lord of all creation and no plan can extinguish that faith. Today's Prayer: I know, all powerful Father, that there are those who plan the eradication of all Christian believers from their country, and some even dream of the day that we be eliminated from the face of the earth. So I pray now for all my brothers and sisters, and all those close to believing in Jesus as Lord, who find themselves in hostile circumstance. Please give them hope that while some plan to silence them, if they keep telling the message, it will never be stopped. I join with thousands of other voices today Father, and pray for the victory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. In the name of the one true Savior and Lord I pray. Amen.   Thoughts for Today (December 30)   “Scam ovs. Alive”   Then the priests met with the older Jewish leaders and made a plan. They paid the soldiers much money {to tell a lie}. They said to the soldiers, "Tell the people that Jesus' followers came during the night and stole the body while you were sleeping. If the governor hears about this, we will satisfy him and save you from trouble." So the soldiers kept the money and obeyed the priests. And that story is still spread among the Jews even today. — Matthew 28:12-15 (ERV) Key Thought: While the lack of courage of most of Jesus' disciples during his trial and crucifixion is horrible, it now serves a powerful purpose. "How can such ordinary men and women, who were once so afraid, suddenly find the power, courage, and influence to change a whole world?" It's an important question. Is the resurrection of the disciples' hopes, dreams, courage, and passion more easily explained through their experiencing the resurrected Jesus or a plot to steal his body away in the middle of the night and then claim he was raised? The incredible demonstration of the resurrection of Jesus is not Jesus' appearance to Thomas, but the life change that accompanied all those who saw Jesus risen from the tomb! While enemies of Jesus may have tried to stop the message, the disciples couldn't help themselves. They couldn't contain what they had experienced. They had to tell about what they had seen and heard: Jesus is raised from the dead. Today's Prayer: O Mighty Rock, King of the Ages, you have seen your children be evangelistic and passionate to spread your message of good news. Please give your children boldness and courage and passion to share the message of the Gospel with those who have never yielded their lives in obedient faith. Please, Father, use me to bring others to the Lord. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.