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17, For we are not like so many, who peddle the word of God for profit; but we are speaking in Christ before God as persons of sincerity, as persons sent from God. 2 Corinthians 2




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MERRY CHRISTMAS???? Dec 24, 2017

YOU ARE A POSSIBILITY WITH A CAPITAL "P" WHEN THEN THEY STOLE MY WIFE OF SIXTY SIX YEARS, EVERYTHING IS LEFT WHERE SHE LEFT IT KNOWING EVERY DAY WOULD BE THEVDAY SHE WOULD COME HOME. I TOUCH HER THINGS TO REMIND OUR COMMITMENT TO EACH OTHER. SHE HAS HAD THE HARDER PART NOT KNOWING WHEN SHE CAN COME BACK HOME ALIVEVAND IN ONE PIECE. THEY SAY, "NEVER" AND THEY DECLARE WAR THAT SEPARATES FAMILY. ONE PROBATE JUDGE WHO IS NOT HERE INVOLVED IN "OUR" LIVES. EVERYONE HAS A IDEA HOW IT SHOULD "BE"? IPAD, COMPUTER, FACEBOOK, CROSS.TV. NOT ENOIGH DAILY PRAYERS TO DIE SEPERATED BY EVIL INTENT AND DISPLAY OF COURT FORM PROTECTION FOR HOLDING AMERICANS HOSTAGE TAKE OVER OF PERSONAL WEALTH ASSUMING ESTATES BELONG TO THEM!  Thoughts for today (December 24)   “With God, Anything Is Possible!”   That evening a rich man named Joseph came to Jerusalem. Joseph was a follower of Jesus from the town of Arimathea. Joseph went to Pilate and asked to have Jesus' body. Pilate gave orders for the soldiers to give Jesus' body to Joseph. Then Joseph took the body and wrapped it in a new linen cloth. Joseph put Jesus' body in a new tomb (grave) that Joseph had dug in a wall of rock. Then he closed the tomb by rolling a very large stone to cover the entrance. After he did these things, Joseph went away. Mary Magdalene and the other woman named Mary were sitting near the tomb. — Matthew 27:57-61 (ERV) Key Thought: This camel found a way! Or better yet, God found a way for this camel to get through the eye of a needle! We normally don't think of many of the followers of Jesus as rich. There surely weren't many who were rich; at least they weren't openly his followers. But a few were. What is amazing here is that Joseph picks the absolutely worst time to show his allegiance to Jesus! Joseph is identifying himself with one who was now viewed as the scum of the earth, a man apparently cursed by God, a supposed criminal executed by Rome, and a Jew condemned to death by the religious ruling counsel and the High Priest. There is nothing to gain by his identifying himself with Jesus, at least nothing apparent. But that didn't stop Joseph! He was a follower, and he was willing to follow Jesus all the way through the cross. He was willing to become unclean for Passover by handling the dead body of Jesus. Joseph did for Jesus what was decent, loving, tender, and right. And he did it when there appeared to be nothing to gain in doing so. I don't know about you, but I want to be like Joseph. While there is so much talk about the Apostles—their power and their authority—Joseph does what none of them did, and what none of them could. I'd surely like to do the same! Today's Prayer: O Precious God, Mighty Father, and Faithful Lord, thank you for examples of faith that not everyone holds up as heroes. They become for us discoveries of joy in the middle of history's greatest story. Father, I really want to be like Joseph. I want to be faithful when no one else is. I want to be useful when no one else can be. I want to be tender when it is needed most. Through your Spirit, please make me a follower for all seasons. In Jesus' precious name I pray. Amen.   NO MERCY FOR DOREEN, ONLY FAIR THERE IS NO MERCY FOR THEM! JENNIFER CARNEY, THE VILLAS GUARDIAN, COMSERVATOR WANTS DOREEN DEAD TO COLLECT FINDINGS OF HER ESTATE. WHAT IS LEFT FOR THEIR KIDS? HOW IS THEIR MOM? EVAN IS GONE SOMEWHERE TO FIND HIM! DR. READY HAD SECRET MEETING WITH "OUR" NEURO GUY DR. , ALMASADDI  AT ST. JOES.  I NEVER DID GET MY SCRIPT? KELLY IS MISSING FROM HOSPICE AND NO RECORDS ON DOREEN. NO EVAN SHE DID NOT FALL LIKE ADULT SERVICES TOLD YOU! NO CRIME, NO WITNESSES, NO JURY, TRIAL OR CRIME, NO MERCY, HELD HOSTAGE FOR WHAT?  NO MORE SOCIAL SECURITY FOR SPECIAL NEEDS SONTRUST? THEY HAVE TAKEN HER LIFE SAVINGS BEFORE SHE IS DEAD AND SAY WE ARE BETTER OFF?