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17, For we are not like so many, who peddle the word of God for profit; but we are speaking in Christ before God as persons of sincerity, as persons sent from God. 2 Corinthians 2




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ASK FOR DOREEN TO CALL YOU? Jul 24, 2017 1 評論

Thoughts for today(July 24) CALL THE VILLAS  248-391-0900 ASK PEGGY, THE RECEPTIONIST FOR DOREEN TO CALL YOU, SHE MAY NOT BUT ALWAYS PROMISES TO DO LATER, BUT NEVER DOES. TRY THE SILVER BELL ESTATES DIRECTOR, JANET, ON SILVER BELL RD. OFF JOSLYN RD. NORTH OF GREAT LAKES CROSSING, PLEASE IF YOU CANNOT CALL HER. SHE CALLS A FEW TIMES A WEEK AND ALWAYS WANTS A RIDE HOME? SHE DOES NOT KNOW THAT THEY WANT HER TO DIE THERE. AN ATTY, TAKE OVER, WHEN WE HAVE MADE ARRANGEMENTS YEARS AGO. SAVE US FROM THEIR ATTY. CHARGES $ 250 hr.    “What’s Inside!”   Peter said, "Explain to us what you said earlier to the people." Jesus said, "You still have trouble understanding? Surely you know that all the food that enters a person's mouth goes into the stomach. Then that food goes out of the body. But the bad things a person says with his mouth come from the way a person thinks. And these are the things that make a person wrong. All these bad things begin in a person's mind: evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual sins, stealing, lying, saying bad things against other people. These things make a person wrong. But not washing his hands before he eats does not make a person wrong." — Matthew 15:15-20 (ERV) Key Thought: Jesus had to remind his disciples of this repeatedly—it's what's inside your hearts that counts most. This is not because the interior world of the heart is isolated from actions—we can think something nice, feel something nice, and let feelings and thoughts take the place of actions. No, it's precisely because this interior world always has a way of revealing itself in behaviors that we must keep our hearts pure. Jesus is after right actions, good deeds, decent behaviors, and honorable character. But these things are ultimately and consistently reproducible because we keep our hearts pure and are committed to honor God in the way we live. Today's Prayer: O Lord God, Almighty Creator and Sustainer, why you choose to love me with your grace is a great mystery to me. You know my thoughts. You know my motives. While I am working on making those areas of my life more holy, I recognize that I need the cleansing and power of your Holy Spirit in the inner most places of my existence. Cleanse my heart and conform my thoughts to your will. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.   WISHFUL THINKING - O LORD "OUR" FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN AND IS TO COME, HOW GREAT YOU ARE TO VISIT US WITH YOUR SPIRIT WHOLLY HOLY AND TRUE TO YOUR WORD, WE NEED TO "BE"LIVE "OUR" BELIEFS ARE THE TRUTH. HELP "OUR" "BE"LIVING, FOR GREATER ARE YOU AT WORK IN US WITH THE FAITH JESUS GIVES THEN TO "BE" LEFT TO OURSELVES. I WISH EVERYONE COULD SPEND A DAY, AND HIGHT WITH DOREEN AND FIND OUT WHY SHE IS "BE"ING HELD HOSTAGE AND HATES THAT PLACE! "OUR" PURPOSE "TO PRAY" HIS PRAISE DAY 31,101 I WISH JUST FOR ONE DAY LUREL, MIKA, JUILE, SARAH, AND AND THE MICH. PROTECTION AND ADVOCACY OR EVEN "OUR" ATTY. GEN., BILL SCHULTE OR ADAM SHULTZ DHHS WHO THINK IT IS NOT LIKE JAIL BEHIND THOSE CLOSED STEEL DOORS AND THAT THEY ARE BETTER OFF THAN EVEN BEING AT HOME? WOULD THEY EVER CONSIDER PUTTING THEIR MOM, DAD, BROTHER OR SISTER BEHIND THOSE CLOSED STEEL DOORS WITH DOREEN FOR FIVE DAYS RESPITE TURNED INTO A YEAR WITH NO RELEASE IN SITE UNTIL THEY DIE ?, WILL THAT "BE"GLORY? AND GUARDIAN TRUSTEES TAKE OVER WHAT'S LEFT OF ANY ESTATE. WE NEVER HEAR BACK FROM ATTY., ADVOCATES LIKE THOSE MI. LIC. INSPECTORS FOR HOSPICE NURSING HOMES SAIDTHEY WOULD? THEY LIKE THE POLICEMAN WHO SAID THEY ARE HERE JUST "TO HELP" WHEN THEY CARRIED DOREEN AWWAY FOR FIVE DAY RESPITE HOOK, LINE AND SUNKER, FOR ME, A YEAR AGO? PERHAPS HER KIDS COULD VISIT MORE OFTEN THAN THEY SAY THEY DO TO SEE IF MUM IS BETTER OFF, OR BADDER, OR BITTER? SHE HATES THAT PLACE AND DOES NOT KNOW WHY SHE CAN'T "BE" AT HOME?  Thoughts for today (July 17)   “Our Purpose Is His Praise”   After Peter and Jesus were in the boat, the wind became calm. Then those followers in the boat worshiped Jesus and said, "Truly you are the Son of God." — Matthew 14:32-33 (ERV) Key Thought: The ultimate goal of experiencing Jesus' presence and power in our lives is to lead to our praise of him for who he is and what he has done. Rather than simply an adrenaline fix, an emotional wave, or an incredible experience, our service to Jesus and our recognition that his presence and power make us better than we really are should lead us to praise him and confess him as God's Son and our Savior. Today's Prayer: Holy Father and eternal King, thank you for your plan to send Jesus, you Son. I believe that Jesus Christ is your Son who came in the flesh and redeemed me from my sin by being my atoning sacrifice. I love you for loving me so sacrificially and cleansing me so purely. I praise you for Jesus and I praise Jesus because he is worthy of all praise, honor, and obedience. In the name of Jesus my Savior, I offer my eternal thanks and praise. Amen.  THREE THINGS THAT THE LIARS SEPARATE US IS THEIR CLAIM WE ARE DISABLED AND SICK, ONLY THEY CAN HELP OTHERS TAKE AWAY RIGHTS TO LIFETIME EARNINGS, "OUR" ESTATE! 1.  THEY STEAL "OUR" MAIL WITH THE HELP OF THE POSTAL INSPECTOR AND THEN MAIL "OUR" MEDS BACK TO US USING "OUR" FUNDS, ADDRESSED TO RESIDENT. LORD PROTECT THE RESIDENT FROM THE BLOOD THINNER, RAT POISON, THE INR TEST SAYS WE NEED. 2. THEY TAKE ALL THAT IS LEFT "OUR" SOCIAL SECURITY, LEAVING US WITHOUT ANY FOOD OR INCOME FROM "OUR" LIFETIME SAVINGS! THEY WANT TO STARVE US OUT!  3. THEY PUT US IN JAIL WITHOUT A CRIME, JURY TRIAL OR PERMISSION WITHOUT ANY RELEASE UNTIL DEATH! 4. THE LAST STRAW, THEY MAIL "THE RESIDENT" A CHECK WITH MY NAME ON IT THAT I WOULD NEVER WRITE, TO BUY GROCERIES FROM "OUR" STOLEN FUNDS, A CHECK,ANYBODY COULD CASH?   PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND,  LEAD US ON, LET US STAND. WE ARE WEAK, WE ARE TIRED, WE ARE WORN. THROUGH THE DAY, THROUGH THE NIGHT, LEAD US ON TO THE LIGHT, PRECIOUS LORD, LEAD US HOME! I ThINK OF HUNDREDS OF SCENES WHERE THAY HAVE  WRONGED US! THANKS TO MI. PROBATE JUDGE, LINDA HOLIDAY IN OAKLAND COUNTY COURT APPOINTMENT!