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Saleem Inayat

Saleem Inayat MInistries|Pakistan

You may say to yourself, "My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me." But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth.Deuteronomy 8:17-18a


Loving Father and Holy God, today I want to confess to you several things on my heart. Father, I am afraid for others to know that I have...(confess your most secret and shameful sins to |更多


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主題 藝術家/議長 專輯/系列
1Yasu Sadi jind sadi05:05No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
2Ochi Tere Shaan05:05No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
3teriya Odika Manu06:11No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
4Yasy Sare Jag da04:53No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
5Dukh Meri Zingdi da07:47No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
6Ayo Wadaiee Rab Di04:36No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
7Mere Naal Bol Yasu04:19No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
8Jhande Yasu Nasri de04:26No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
9Yasu Ute Apna Amaan05:48No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
10Ho na Dawa Dool05:12No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
11Bandge Kara teri 05:03No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
12Sumandra De Pania Te05:40No artist / speakerWadaiee Rab Di
13Mere Sanoo Main - Saleem Inayat Live Worship05:26No artist / speakerSituation of Jesus
14Ruh e Yasu - Saleem Inayat Live Worship09:55No artist / speakerSituation of Jesus
15Chashme Se Piye - Saleem Inayat Live Worship04:04No artist / speakerSituation of Jesus
16Massage of Holy Bible - Situation of Jesus33:06No artist / speakerSituation of Jesus
17Maa Maryam Da Lal09:48No artist / speakerJeevin Badal Gaya
18Yaroshalam Diya Gala07:06No artist / speakerJeevin Badal Gaya
19Main Gata Rahu06:31No artist / speakerJeevin Badal Gaya
20Pukarta Ho Sun Le Tu 06:58No artist / speakerJeevin Badal Gaya
21Pana Hai Jo Ruh06:33No artist / speakerJeevin Badal Gaya
22mauja hi mauja06:09No artist / speakerJeevin Badal Gaya
23Main Gata Rahu06:31No artist / speakerJeevin Badal Gaya
24De Kay Rab De05:21No artist / speakerJeevin Badal Gaya
25Badal Gaya 05:56No artist / speakerJeevin Badal Gaya

的 2