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Regional Managers|United States


Last Tuesday morning we were supposed to have a monthly meeting with cross.tv's Ambassadors, Regional Managers and Translators in the Multimedia Chat but just before we could start, |更多


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If you ...

... are passionate about cross.tv and it's mission to bless others with faith-based and uplifting content

... want to have cross.tv translated in your language to reach out to the people in your country

... want to be a greater blessing to your friends, family, church and ministry and the people in your country

.... want to use cross.tv's language site for your mission to reach more people with interesting and uplifting content

... want have a greater impact on the internet

... are a well established ministry or a faith-based organization able to cover ongoing translation, content management and promotion to build the community in your country

then you can become a regional manager for your language group.

What you get is...

.... your own language portal on cross.tv

... full control over the featured content on the startpage of your language portal

... a translation tool to translate the content of cross.tv in your language

... free video hosting and streaming services

... a sponsored advertising budget to run ad campaigns on cross.tv

... full liberty to promote cross.tv at Christian music festivals, conferences, one-on-one with leading Pastors and opinion leaders in your country, speaking engagements at churches, etc. (we support the regional management with promotion materials like beach flags, banners, flyers, stickers, T-Shirts and other give-aways)



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Regional Managers Merry Christmas!

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Regional Managers joined the prayer Pray for Peace of Beb

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Please pray for cross.tv!

Please pray for cross.tv!

  Last Tuesday morning we were supposed to have a monthly meeting with cross.tv's Ambassadors, Regional | 更多


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