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Bigger is better?

Mar 03, 2014

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Bigger is better? We automatically trust large mega-corporation with famous brands, don't we? How come? Is their service really any better?

Here is my experience from today with a big - and widely trusted - company: Time Warner Cable. 

First of all, I pay $151 per month for a 0.7 Mbit upstream and 7.0 Mbit downstream business connection and a phone line that doesn't work (neither can I use it to receive faxes, nor to speak). When was the last time you even heard of such low speeds (since the 90s anyway)?

The problem is that most of the time I don't even get the little speed I am paying for and often the internet connection is down entirely for half a day. It happened so again this afternoon. 

After having waited for 2 hours for the internet connection to come back (while I was out of phones as well, because they use VOIP), I ended up calling Time Warner Cable. Now, I am used to their service going down from time to time, so I usually don't call them right away, because it's relatively normal. 

So, after having typed my 15-digit Account Number into the phone (to verify myself) and walking through the prompts of the phone system, a voice tells me that they will get someone on the line who will "assist me with my modem". (a slight hint that surely it is not a network problem of Time Warner Cable - smart!). Thereafter I get to listen to a few minutes of cracking music. The quality is extremely poor and I would have preferred silence over the distorted noise. Well, I did not have to wait long to get my wish fulfilled, as suddenly there is a ringing noise (getting my hopes up that someone might pick up), after which the line gets dead-silence. At that time I start talking into the phone to see if maybe someone can hear me, while I just happen not to hear them. This goes on for 2 (!) minutes. Dead silence while I ask over and over again if there is an agent there on the other end or if I had been disconnected. 

Thankfully I made this call from my cell phone (obviously as the phone lines weren't working), so I could see that the time counter of my call was still counting on my cell phone's display, indicating that the call hadn't been disconnected by Time Warner Cable yet. 

I was about to hang up, when an agent's voice became audible all of a sudden. After a few minutes the agent was able to fix the issue and my internet connection was back up and running again. At least that worked well. Having little time left over for trouble-shooting calls like this, I took the opportunity to ask whether or not there might be a better product available from Time Warner Cable - an ISP product with a slightly better performance at a slightly more reasonable (and justifiable) rate. The agent referred me to a different department which would be able to get me a better product and transferred me. 

After a few minutes of waiting time a message came on saying "Sorry, the Time Warner office is closed. Our opening hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm." That's right, by that time it was 5:03 pm, but I guess the other agent forgot about their limited "business hours", so unfortunately, Time Warner Cable missed the opportunity to sell me another product. Or maybe I should be happy about that?