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Kate Mamodu-Alaiyemola




Am a Nigerian, living in the Northern part of Nigeria. Right now, it is tough for the Christians in this Part of the country. There is an Islamic Sect called BOKO HARAM( meaning "Western |更多


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Dear brethren, why not postpone as the apostles and many did, some temporary things to enjoy here now like...... ........and enjoy them in the coming New Earth forever?.............. Which is that thing that you are really burning for now, which may deprive you from the wonderful coming eternal enjoyment in the New coming world?...............Have you ever ask youself these questions after reading this text: .."............. “But the courts shall sit in judgment and his dominion shall be taken away to be consumed and destroyed to the end. AND THE KINGDOM AND THE DOMINION AND THE GREATNESS OF THE KINGDOM UNDER THE WHOLE HEAVEN SHALL BE GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE OF THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH; THEIR KINGDOM SHALL BE AN EVERLASTING KINGDOM, AND ALL DOMINION SHALL SERVE AND OBEY THEM.." Daniel 7: 26-28...... ................Where is under the heaven where the kingdom is ? Certainly on the Earth! ............. And who are the people of the Saints of the Most High to receive this kingdom? The elects who formed the Holy City of God coming down from Heaven, CLOTHED WITH A SPIRITUAL EVERLASTING BODY TO LEAVE FOR EVER ON EARTH AS GOD'S PEOPLE FORMING GOD'S KINGDOM as it is written: "..........And I saw the HOLY CITY COMING DOWN FROM HEAVEN", Revelations 21:2................ These Saints are coming down from heaven in what type of a body? To this the bible says:........... " It is sown a physical body, it is raised a spiritual body..............." For what is immortal must be changed into what is immortal ; what will die must be changed into what cannot die. So when this takes place and the mortal has been changed into the immortal , then the scripture will come true:......... "Death is destroyed; victory is complete is complete " 1st Corinthians 15:33-54............... These are those that Isaiah 65:17-20 is talking about, who will marry and have children, build houses etc.......... The bible is not contradictory brethren! We are the ones not understanding it. ................... The kingdom of God's Holy people is not going to be in Heaven but on a New Earth...................Going up to heaven after rapture will just be temporal and then we will come down after the thousand years................... There is no place in the bible that says immidiately after the rapture, we will come back on earth...............We clearly see our coming back unto a New earth as a Holy City in Rev. 21:2. ..............Many people are confussed with Rev. 20: 7 which says " After the thousand years are over Satan will be go out to deceive the nations scattered over the whol;e world , that is GOG and MAGOG" .............. The secret to understand this text lies in the word " GOG and MAGOG" which refers to the invisible evil world where Satan and his demons are ...........Many misunderstand it to be human beings in physical world which we know must have been destroyed by fire on the day of the Lord(rapture) as indicated in 2nd Peter 3:10-13.......... If this is what God is planing for you and me dear brethren, why not pos- pone as the apostle did, some temporary things here now, to enjoy them there forever. ......Did you visit this link?........ http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/50.php

por venezuela Mar 10, 2013

Señor mi Dios en esta hora, te pido perdones mis ofensas mis dudas y errores tu sangre presiosa me limpie de todo lo que haya en mi que a ti no te agrade, y haz de mi una luz en mi camino. Ahora te pido por venezuela mi pais, tu conoses por lo que esta pasando ten misericordia padre te lo pido en el nombre de tu hijo. Toca cada corazon y quita odio rencores y amargura, da un corazón lleno de amor, tu eres el que pone y quitas reyes como dice tu palabra y todo lo que venga de ti bendecido,que ahora con la muerte de nuestro presidente,el pais se concientise, y este nuevo presidente con tu ayuda pueda llevar las riendas y que en estas elecciones todo marche bajo tu guianza. Cubre a venezuela con tu manto y la sangre de Cristo sea sobre de de ella. Amen

Urgent Mar 09, 2013 1 評論

Dear Saints pray for Whole night prayer is about to start after 4 hours..., Thnx


Dear brethren, a wonderful SECRET revelation from God for you and me that you should carefully take time to PRAYERFULLY read and see how you ...... http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/50.php .(Copy this link and search). May your mind be spiritually opened to understand as you read, and be richly eternally blessed.

Whole Night Prayer Feb 23, 2013

Dear Saints pray for Whole night prayer is about to start after 2 hours..., Thnx

Christ is in us Feb 17, 2013 6 評論

May Father graciously open our eyes more and more about this truth .... For many years I missed this truth. I believed all the other prepositions: Christ for me, with me, ahead of me. And I knew I was working beside Christ, under Christ, with Christ. But I never imagined that Christ was in me. I can’t blame my deficiency on Scripture. Paul refers to this union 216 times. John mentions it 26. They describe a Christ who not only woos us to himself but “ones” us to himself.(Max Lucado) And this is the secret: Christ lives in you. This gives you assurance of sharing his glory. (Colossians 1:27) .May Father graciously open our eyes more and more.

SEÑALES EN EL CIELO-Cadena Mundial de Oración Feb 17, 2013 2 評論

A todos nuestros amados contactos, siervos y siervas del Señor, de nuestra Cadena Mundial de Oraciòn y a todos los miembros en general de esta red cristiana,Cross.tv. Les instamos a perseverar orando por lo menos una vez diaria fervientemente. Juntos y Unánimes en Oración e Intercesión Constante. Orar por las necesidades: espírituales, morales, económicas, de salud y por la "Cadena". Intercediendo y peleando la buena batalla de la fe, por todos y cada uno de los países aqui representados (en parte) en los 5 continetes; como embajadores y soldados de Cristo. Evangelizando a aquél que no conoce de Cristo. "El Señor no retarda su promesa, según algunos lo tienen por tardanza, sino que es paciente para con nosotros, no queriendo que ninguno perezca, sino que todos procedan al arrepentimiento. Pero el día del Señor vendrá como ladrón en la noche; EN EL CUAL LOS CIELOS PASARAN CON GRANDE ESTRUENDO,Y LOS ELEMENTOS ARDIENDO SERAN DESHECHOS, y la tierra y las obras que en ella hay seràn quemadas." 2a Pedro 3:9y10. ..." Y LAS ESTRELLAS CAERAN DEL CIELO, Y LAS POTENCIAS DE LOS CIELOS SERAN CONMOVIDAS. " Mateo 24:29 " Y habrà grandes terremotos, y en diferentes lugares hambres y pestilencias; Y HABRA TERROR Y GRANDES SEÑALES DEL CIELO." Lucas 21:11. Muchas señales, de estas, se han cumplido.CRISTO RETORNA A ESTA TIERRA...¡¡ PRONTO!!. ¿ Y NOSOTROS... QUE HEMOS HECHO POR LAS ALMAS QUE SE PIERDEN CADA DIA SIN CONOCER DEL SEÑOR? BENDICIONES.


Dear brethren, let's pray that God will open the Minds of our Sisters to understand this statement : "JUDGE FOR YOURSELF IF IT IS NORMAL FOR A WOMEN TO PRAY TO GOD WITH HER HEAD UNCOVERED" 1st Corinth 11:13. ........ .. The Lord said: "My mothers and brothers (and sisters) are those who hear the WORD of God and OBEY" Luke 8:21.............Dear sisters in the Lord, are you really a sister to the Lord Jesus Christ?............. If yes, then do you OBEY this word of God?............ How comes that we dare pray to Him with our head uncovered and still pretend to Love Him? ....... What a disrespect!!!!!!! ...... We are not serious at all! ...........God test our Love for Him, in our attitude to His word......... Has he not said: "Every woman who has her head uncovered while praying disgraces her head..............If a woman does not cover her head, let her also have her hair cut off.............For this reason, and because of the ANGELS , the woman ought to have a sign of AUTHORITY on her head. (1 Cor.11:5,6)............The VEIL on the woman's head is a sign of AUTHORITY? ....... And what impact has this on ANGELS?.......... So what are the sisters losing by not OBEYING this command of God?...........The disappearance of the `head-covering' among women in many `Westernised' churches is another indication of the lack of reverence for God's Word among today's Christians..........Yes, we no longer have any fear and respect for God and so don't tremble before his word............The same evil of disobedience to God's word that Adam and Eve committed in Eden, we are doing same today under the wrong understanding of the word " Salvation by grace" !! .........Remember that God honor those who honore Him.....

Triumph in Christ Feb 04, 2013 1 評論

Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place. (2 Cori 2:14) …… My dear Cross tv family, In my 13 years of Christian walk, I never heard about the spiritual warfare and the importance of the warfare. Now I realize walking with Father and spiritual warfare goes hand by hand. Knowledge about enemy and its strategy will help us to understand who we are in Christ and our position in Christ. This will bring more glory to Christ our savior. Psalm 18:34 says, “He trains my fingers for the battle, so I can bend the strongest bow”. Please do share these videos, download these videos (by your fingers :)………..Let us grow together stronger in Christ against the principalities and powers and discern everything with help of Holy Spirit. May Father open our eyes more and more Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born.(John 3:3) “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”(Matthew 3:2) I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance. but he(Jesus) that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire (Matthew 3:11) These are the video links [[[[[ http://cross.tv/93675 http://cross.tv/93934 http://cross.tv/93792 http://cross.tv/93683 http://cross.tv/93694 http://cross.tv/93744 http://cross.tv/93801 http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=KDGP6WNX http://cross.tv/93936 ]]]]]

Join us Feb 02, 2013 1 評論

Getting ready for whole night prayer...,pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit..., Join Us...,

We preach Christ crucified and Risen- Finland Dec 28, 2012

Jesus has been enthroned (Hebrews 2:5-12) .. Now you have been set free from sin and are the slaves of God.Your gain is a life fully dedicated to Him and the result is ETERNAL LIFE (Romans 6:22) Father God, "we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28).Now we lift up this country unto you...May God's people over there may fully equip with Ephesians 6:10 - 20 and 2 Cori 10:4-5 which is full armor of God...we are asking Lord's blood may cover the country now........May His blood makes peace on that country right now....we praise you Father ...we know that by your son's blood you established the peace ..Now we are asking that blood may cover whole Finland and protect from enemies....:::: by faith it is done. ……We believe......we proclaim your words of salvation to the cities..... also we proclaim,Father's dream about this country....Father says “ a new generation is raising up … a new generation who walk with me….who sit with me…….who ask guidance for every single matter ………..who walk in healing …who gives healing ………who walk in miracles ….who walk in selfless faith ….who walk in awesome manner that never ever a generation walk with me before... May all heavenly gifts showered upon Finland right now in Jesus name.....

On Journey of 1214KMs Nov 30, 2012

Dear saints , keep praying for me and my safe journey , will leave at 1pm and wil have to return tomorrow.., GBU

My Exams Starts on 19th Nov 17, 2012

Pray for me , I have to take my 1st exam of 2nd semester on 19th Nov, at 2pm.., keep remember me in your prayers..., Waiting.GBu


Dear brethren!! Prayerfully and Carefully go through this list of possible 210 Idols found in the human heart and identify those that may be found in yours. Then follow the various steps on how to overthrow them from your heart and do so to keep your heart pure. Remebder the Bible says: “Only the PURE in HEART shall see God” Matthew5:8. So let's keep our hearts PURE as the has Lord commanded: "Little children, keep your selves from from Idols" ( 2nd John 5:20). Let our hearts be PURE from these idols so that they don't lead us to sin, and depreive us from the glory of God : " “Mortal man,” he said, “these men have given their HEARTS to IDOLS and are LETTING IDOLS lead them into SIN” Ezekiel 14:3. Follow this link : http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/48.php


Below are some 12 points which Jesus Christ gave for those BELIEVERS who really want to enter HEAVEN. Let's prayerfully read through. With the much confusion in the church of Today, the best thing that an intelligent believer should do now , will be to listen to what Jesus Christ the Chief Judge said, as qualification for believers who will really want to enter Heaven. This will guide us from being caught up in DECEPTIONS that may finally drop us into hell. Follow link: http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/2sib0tsyg4e8x7pmvibd9h7wxozsnorcjt75d0bgcaa.php

Pray for my mother in Law's healing Sep 19, 2012 1 評論

Dear saints.plz pray for my mother in law's healing.., suffering from heart and chest disease.., waiting thanks

Pray for me and my family Sep 15, 2012 1 評論

on these points: Spiritual Growth Physical Health Financial Breakthrough Protection Provision Promotion. In Jesus Name Amen

Pray for my Spiritual,Physical n financial growth Aug 17, 2012 1 評論

Plssssssssssssssss., i need fervent prayers.


Let's pray that God will open our minds to understand that, to function properly in DIVINE FINANCIAL PROSPERITY FOR THE BUILDING OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD , we must not BORROW FROM ANY ONE, but get it from God. God will give us , and not lend to you. To turn to borrow , is to say God is not trustworthy to give me, so let me turn to man. It is true that at times, he may use some human instruments for our advantage, but let us turn to him first. However, the problem with borrowing is that it is controlled by the world's system.. In order to borrow, you must subordinate yourself to another person. Proverb 22:7 says that the borrower is the servant of the lender. By borrowing you subordinate your name to another person. This is very important because of the spiritual significance of your name. Your name is the same as your nature. If your name is good, then you are good- your reputation is good. You can do whatever your name can do. However, when you borrow and go into DEBT to someone else, you bow your kneels to that person and look to him as your source of supply. This creates a spiritual problem that can be very serious, particularly if the other person is ungodly. Believers need to turn to God who will give them and not borrow. For God's giving to flow properly and abundantly, believers must set the divine Law of GIVING and RECEIVING into motion by giving to the right source through investment in a righteous SINCERE AND TRUE WORK of God (That is, investing in the right heavenly bank of God , and not the counterfeit) . So that since the heavenly bank is faithful, it will not fail in flowing it back to you. To this the bible says: " A curse is on all of you because the whole nation is cheating me. Bring the FULL AMOUNT OF YOUR TITHES to the temple, so that there will be plenty of food there. Put me to TEST and you will see that I will open the windows of heaven and pour out on you in abundance all kinds of good things. I will not let insects destroy your crops..." Malachi 3:9-11. It will be therefore very normal that your bank account should be empty because you put nothing there and you now spend time praying and asking God to give you Money to solve your problems with it, and nothing is coming. Or it could equally be empty on the account that you are giving it in the wrong place thinking that it is a true work of God, where as it is not, and so God has nothing to give you back. It is very unfortunate today that, many people love to be deceived so that when the see a true Ministry or work of God needing assistance, they refuse to give and prefer to go and give to crooks who manipulate the word of God on Sowing and harvesting, and empty their pockets, and will be the first to start crying that God took their money and promised them very much, but nothing forth is coming. This, as if they ever gave their money to God. So we must discern the right servants or work of God in which we are investing our Money. When money gets into the hands of true servants of the Lord for God's work, they know how to thankfully receive it and pray on it and this can only go for the benefit of the giver before God. There are so many people Today doing their own work and calling it "God's work". Take note of God's warning to us in Matthew 7: 21-23


Let’s pray for the SPIRITUAL POWER OF MAKING WEALTH THROUGH GIVING , for the destruction of the kingdom of the devil and the building of the kingdom of God. The bible says “...It is God who gives you THE POWER TO GET WEALTH ” Deuteronomy 8:18. SPIRITUAL FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT doesn’t mean a huge bank account, the most luxurious car, flamboyant attire, the best mansion or castle, the most expensive household equipments etc, but the divine capacity to reach out to the needs of others, and giving (sowing) for any good work of God. Giving is proportionally related to receiving as clearly illustrated: “ Remember that the person who SOW FEWER seeds will have a SMALL CROP; the one who SOW MANY SEEDS WILL HAVE A LARGE CROP. Each one should GIVE, then as he has decided, not with REGRET or out of constraint, for God loves the one who gives gladly. And God is able to GIVE you MORE THAN YOU NEED, so that you will ALWAYS HAVE ALL YOU NEED FOR YOURSELVES, and MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR EVERY GOOD CAUSE”2nd Corinth 8:6-11. This scriptures relates to sowing –banking or crediting your heavenly account through supporting any good work of God. And harvesting –debiting with interest from your heavenly bank account, for subsequent investment and so, a continuous system of cycle flow. Immediately investment stops, the cycle of flow suffers negative effects. For it to always be positive, we must continue to give and give, and thus receive and receive . To this the bible says “..... He will always make you RICH ENOUGH to be generous at ALL TIMES...” 2nd Corinth 8:11. So, as we continue to give, we shall never lack or want., because we will equally continue to receive and receive . But if we want to live in poverty, lack and want, we should not give. It is a divine law that operates and no one can go against it. When we give, we do good to ourselves, but unfortunately some out of ignorance think that they are doing a favor to God by giving out., and so when they just hear GIVE, they think they should die, and will be the first to complain about this problem and that one. Many believers are living in poverty, scarcity, lack and want not because God wants it (except sometimes for the will of God to trail us unto perfection which is often temporary), but because of the divine law of giving and receiving working against us, and no amount of prayers can solve this problem until we begin to allow this law operational in our lives, by starting to give without constraints. A believer may be highly spiritual but be in wants, lack , scarcity and hardship because he is not operating on the divine law of giving and receiving; while another who is lowly spiritual but operating on the divine law of GIVING and RECEIVING , lives in abundance. When you believe God in the area of giving, you become very dangerous to Satan. Do you know why? Because you will not only be contributing for the destruction of his kingdom and building that of God, but equally escape from being his prisoner of lack, scarcity, wants and hardship, which is what he will always use to make you compromise godly standards. So, begin to give for every good work of God that you really discern to be one, not out of constraint , but love for him in giving, and you will begin to see wonderful doors that have been so closed before you for many years in various domains of live, begin to open. In fact there is a deep truth on the fact that, we can only bless our selves by giving.


Brethren, let's pray this prayer for ourselves as individuals over and over and after sometimes, you will begin to experience something suppernaturally new taking place in your life . Put your name as you pray: "I...... asked the God of MY lord Jesus Christ, the glorious father, to give ME the spirit who will make ME wise , so that I will know him. I ask that MY mind may be opened to see his light, so that I will know what is the hope to which he has called ME, how rich are the wonderful blessings he promises ME HIS CHILD, and how very great is his power at work in ME who has believe in Him. This power working in ME is the same as the mighty strength which he used when he raised Christ from death and seated him at his right side in the heavenly world.Being in the bosom of Christ on the throne of the father, may I begin to rule with him, above all heavenly rulers, authorities, powers, and principalities, for the glory of the father in Jesus name. Amen!!!!!"


Am a Nigerian, living in the Northern part of Nigeria. Right now, it is tough for the Christians in this Part of the country. There is an Islamic Sect called BOKO HARAM( meaning "Western Education is sin"). They are attacking Christians, and have bombed many Churches. This is still on as i write. The situation is overwhelming the Government because the detornate their bombs in chains each time they embark on this wicked acts. Please help pray for the victory of the Church of Christ, Peace in my Country, and that God Himself will step in and deliver His people. Thank you.

I began to weep, overwhelmed by incredible love an Nov 22, 2011 4 評論

Several years ago, when Streams Ministries was still located in New Hampshire, I started hearing footsteps. Some of the time, it would be my editor coming into my office to tell me I had a phone call or something else, but at other times, no one would be there. I would hear someone enter, but the office would be empty. Well, this is strange, I would think. The Busy Body of Christ All of us have experienced different seasons of busyness in life. I don't mean periods of time when we are swamped for a week or two; I mean entire months and years of busyness, when we don't have time for God because we are trying to do things for Him. In this story, I was in one of those seasons. I had not slowed down in a long time. One day, I was in the office by myself. I heard someone come into the room and assumed that my staff had returned. I was on a roll, so I kept working, figuring they would tell me what they needed. But no one said anything. The steps stopped right behind my chair, and the next thing I knew, I felt arms around me. The physical presence was so real that at first, I thought I was being hugged. But when I looked down, nothing was there. I began to weep, overwhelmed by incredible love and compassion. Conviction dropped over me like a blanket. In a moment, I knew the Lord was showing me that I had gotten too busy for Him. I wasn't giving Him time to touch me. No Substitutions We can have phenomenal experiences in God: visitations, translations, transportations, trances, dreams, visions, etc. We can learn to recognize His voice and have angels bring us messages of profound revelation. We can have extreme prophetic gifting and direct the courses of nations. But none of these things can act as a substitute for Him. Doing what God has called you to do is an excellent thing-but not when it takes His place. Obviously, walking in our calling is very important, but we can't ever forget why we are walking in our calling-why we wanted to take this road in the first place. Our focus can easily shift from God Himself to being busy with what He has given us to do. Practice the Presence Around the time of our move to New Hampshire, it seemed like everyone wanted a piece of my attention. I felt constantly pulled on. I love people and I want to help them, but that day in my office, I felt the Lord was letting me know, "John Paul Jackson, you've gotten so busy working for Me that you don't have room for Me to touch you. You don't make time for Me to touch you, like you used to." It may seem like an oxymoron, but sometimes we are so busy going after Him that we fail to wait for Him. As Isaiah 30:18 declares, God moves and acts on the behalf of those who wait for Him. They give Him time, and He responds. No matter what happens in our relationship with God, what level of gifting we have, where we feel God has placed us in His body, the influence we may or may not have-we need to keep our gaze on the more important thing: God Himself. Throughout our lives, there will be times when God calls us to hard work and other times when God calls us to rest; in both seasons, He is here. Where are you? Learn to hear His voice. Seek Him out. Let Him touch you. Practice the presence of God and grant Him the desire of His heart. (The More Important Thing by John Paul Jackson By John Paul Jackson) http://www.identitynetwork.net/apps/articles/default.asp?articleid=77204&columnid=2093

we Preach Christ crucified and Risen - to Botswana Nov 07, 2011 3 評論

short overview about Botswana :: ::::: Religions : Christian 72%, Badimo 6%, none 21% (2001) Languages: English 2% (official), Setswana 78%, Kalanga 8%, Sekgalagadi 3%, other (2001) Ethnicity/race: Tswana (or Setswana) 79%, Kalanga 11%, Basarwa 3%, other (including Kgalagadi and white) 7% Literacy rate: 81.2% (2006 est.) President: Ian Khama (2008) Land area: 226,012 sq mi (585,371 sq km); total area: 231,803 sq mi (600,370 sq km) Population (2010 est.): 2,029,307:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Lord this time we are lifting Botswana to your presence.....we are asking Lord's blood may cover the country now........May His blood makes peace on that country right now....we praise you Father ...we know that by your son's blood you established the peace ..Now we are asking that blood may cover whole Botswana and protect them.....:::: by faith it is done. ……We believe......we proclaim your words of salvation to this country..... also we proclaim,Father's dream to this country....Father says “ a new generation is raising up … a new generation who walk with me….who sit with me…….who ask guidance for every single matter ………..who walk in healing ….who gives healing ………who walk in miracles ….who walk in selfless faith ….who walk in awesome manner that never ever a generation walk with me before... May all heavenly gifts showered upon this country right now in Jesus name ......


Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The LORD our Great God, announces victory from his throne! Mighty soldiers of the Lord!!!! May all those who waged war against Satan and his demons , shorting without missing the target, to SCATTER the evil league of Common Wealth Nations meeting to impose the legalization of HOMOSEXUALITY, praise the Lord for the Victory worn! May you all keep on being bless as we raise His banner higher and Higher against the kingdom of Darkness. The world’s Radio: Radio France international (RFI), BBC, announced Sunday 30th , 2011 that the Common Wealth Nations members meeting in AUSTRALIA GOT SCATTERED on the issue of member states Legalizing HOMOSEXUALITY, and so the meeting dispersed with no results. Yes, the working POWERS of our Great and Mighty God at work! Visit the topic of the prayer again, and let’s see how we can more and more collaborate with the Holy Spirit for more bullet targeting prayers in other needing directions: Prayer of October 7, 2011.. http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/15.php That is the Almighty God we have! Do you now see that we the believers to whom he has giving the authority over everything on earth, to subdue and dominate for his glory are seriously failing Him? If only we could team up and collaborate with Him, Satan would not have been making a fool of mankind as he is presently doing. Let us pray that the LORD will open the eyes of believers all over the world to see the necessity of teaming up together as one, to crumble the works of the devil so that we can begin to impact the whole world for the gory of our LORD –King JESUS CHRIST, for the shame to the devil.

WORLD NEWS FROM : RADIO BIBLE ! Oct 25, 2011 3 評論

DECEMBER approaches: The month Satan the Harman of God’s people, fixed to build a Gallows-20meters high on which to HANG believers in Christ on(Esther 5:14)! Brethren, let’s be the first in time to move into OFFENSIVE SPIRITUAL WARFARE and ATTACK to DESTROY ALL Satan’s plans against our : spiritual, health, material and Socio-economic welfare of our lives and those of our family members, Church, nation etc, before he ever plans and carry them out. In Spiritual warfare, as we see in normal human wars, he who attacks the first always wins the battle. This warfare should be watered with a fast as the LORD will lead you into it; and I begin a 40days partial fast from the 1st of November 2011 in this direction and other things. In the OCCULT WORLD, the month of December is: -The month blood tanks in the invisible world of darkness are filled with blood of victims sacrificed by occults, witches and wizards! The reasons why we experience many deaths in this period. - The month Satan the Harman of God’s people, fixed to build a Gallows-20meters high on which to HANG believers in Christ to hang them on(Esther 5:14)! -The month Satan crosses his legs on his throne to challenge God to see how the whole world is feasting him(Satan) in sins! None will dispute the truth that, this is the jubilant month of sins in the name of celebrating the birth of an unknown “ Jesus Christ”, that in reality is the occult festivities in honor of the queen of heaven( Jeremiah 7:16-20) copy link and paste to continue: :….. http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/17.php

I Give Myself Away Oct 22, 2011 1 評論

I give myself away So You can use me Here I am Here I stand Lord, my life is in your hands Lord, I'm longing to see Your desires revealed in me I give myself away Take my heart Take my life As a living sacrifice All my dreams all my plans Lord I place them in your hands My life is not my own To you I belong I give myself, I give myself to you

we are here to Preach Christ crucified and Risen - Oct 18, 2011 9 評論

Full name: Republic of Azerbaijan Population: 8.8 million (UN, 2009) Capital: Baku Area: 86,600 sq km (33,400 sq miles) Major language: Azeri, Russian Major religion: Islam Life expectancy: 68 years (men), 72 years (women) (UN) Monetary unit: 1 manat = 100 qapik Main exports: Oil, oil products GNI per capita: US $4,840 (World Bank, 2008) Internet domain: .az International dialling code: +994 ::::::::::::::::::::::President: Ilham Aliyev:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Lord this time we are lifting Azerbaijan to your presence.....we are asking Lord's blood may cover the country now........May His blood makes peace on that country right now....we praise you Father ...we know that by your son's blood you established the peace ..Now we are asking that blood may cover whole Azerbaijan and protect them.....:::: by faith it is done. ……We believe......we proclaim your words of salvation to this country (( 1 Cori 2:2 Says…..."I made up my mind to forget all except Christ and His death on the Cross~~ so those who know the Lord, "are called" to preach him... It’s a new beginning...For one week ,we can choose a country ...we can pray over and declare and proclaim Lord's mercy over that country.......so just like John the Baptist we may be preparing a way for the Gospel to many who never heard about Jesus........so It’s our CALL and ITS JUST A NEW BEGINNING...........and I welcome all friends to pray over Azerbaijan....and friends from Azerbaijan can just pray about the problems of their country ...so it will be helpful to pray together as FAMILY ........... We are a Family in Christ…..we are NOT STRANGERS ......Ephesians 2:19-20~~Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. Praise the Lord~~~))) map and location of Azerbaijan ~~http://www.cross.tv/profile/168656?go=blogs&action=show&id=28458&backpage=1

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Throughout my life, is a standard written language in my praise as producing fruit for an offering, and my lips are like a gift of sacrifice. With the lyre and the harp, sing praise to the glory of God, and the flute of my lips exalt his justice. Morning and evening, will remain in covenant with God: and the end of the day, recite his commandments, and while there, there will my border and the end of my journey. So, bless his name on everything you do, before moving the hands or feet, whether you want to go, whether I want to feel me up, or even lying on my bed, sing songs of praise. My lips when the roar at the table, and before you even lift my hands in order to participate in any of the delicious fruit harvested from the earth. When you get the fear and terror, and there is only anguish and grief, yet will I bless the name of the Lord and I will give thanks for his marvelous deeds, and meditate in his power, and I will bow before your mercy during throughout the day. For I know that in their hands for justice for all living, and I know that all his works are true. So whether in distress or in salvation, praise the Lord in the same way.

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Brethren, the Church of America is terribly Sick and need our prayers for a Revival, else this evil Virus of American brutal capitalism pregnant with greed and selfishness, TOTALLY contaminate the born again churches, and spread world wide like wild fire ! Will you stop dreaming about going to enjoy life in America and begin thanking God of where you are living now, and the little you think He is giving you there? “…One thing that stood out the most and I am healed from it now, I asked some friends( believer friends) if I could stay in their room one night because I got out of church late and didn't know if I could get back into the shelter, they said no. I was like Lord they would really rather see me sleep outside than to let me sleep on the floor of their place?” “ Yeah, I went to the "church" for help, but did not receive any. At first I was mad because I was talked about, but not helped. But God was showing me something…..( follow this link to read this pathetic mail I received from a real born again child of God in USA that I know, then judge for yourself, where the church is heading to : certainly the accomplishment of 2nd Timothy 3:1-5 on the characteristics of the Church preceding the END OF THE WORLD …….http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/17-the-church-of-america-is-terribly-sick-and-need.php.)

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we are here to Preach Christ crucified and Risen - to Mexico Lord this time we are lifting Mexico to your presence.....we are asking Lord's blood may cover the country now........May His blood makes peace on that country right now....we praise you Father ...we know that by your son's blood you established the peace ..Now we are asking that blood may cover whole Mexico and protect them.....:::: by faith it is done. ……We believe......we proclaim your words of salvation to this country (( 1 Cori 2:2 Says…..."I made up my mind to forget all except Christ and His death on the Cross~~ so those who know the Lord, "are called" to preach him... It’s a new beginning...For one week ,we can choose a country ...we can pray over and declare and proclaim Lord's mercy over that country.......so just like John the Baptist we may be preparing a way for the Gospel to many who never heard about Jesus........so It’s our CALL and ITS JUST A NEW BEGINNING...........and I welcome all friends to pray over Mexico....and friends from Mexico can just pray about the problems of their country ...so it will be helpful to pray together as FAMILY ........... We are a Family in Christ…..we are NOT STRANGERS ......Ephesians 2:19-20~~Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. Map of Mexico http://www.cross.tv/profile/168656?go=blogs&action=show&id=28000&backpage= Praise the Lord~~~)))

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Dear Brethren, this orientated precise targeted arrow or bullet prayers below is for you and me to shot the enemy (Satan and his demons) with now, more than we have ever done. The world’s Radios made an announcement of …….(because of the choked up that makes reading here difficult, copy and paste this link to continue http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/15.php)

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Father says “ a new generation is raising up … a new generation who walk with me….who sit with me…….who ask guidance for every single matter ………..who walk in healing ….who gives healing ………who walk in miracles ….who walk in selfless faith ….who walk in awesome manner that never ever a generation walk with me before……..and it start with YOU AND ME ..””” // John 5:17 ~~~ “Jesus answered them , “My Father is ALWAYS working ,and I too MUST work…….. Romans 5: 20::: BUT where sin increased ,God’s GRACE increased much MORE…// so if you put together John 5:17 and Romans 5:20…………..who is the WINNER still???? Who has the strong hold still ???????.......... No matter what Father is always the winner …Heaven wins always …….Jesus shed his last drop of blood for us ………even in that one drop is not go in vain……Father wants a new awakening with YOU and ME …….so lets pray together “Father, let it start with US “~~~~~

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There is a living and breathing generation that walks the earth today that is growing into its destiny as a Glory (presence based) Generation. They are a new wineskin that has been raised up for such a time as this. They are preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, they are healing the sick, they are casting out unclean spirits, they are raising the dead and they are making disciples. They are fueled and compelled by the Love of Christ and the mighty Power of His Spirit. They are a generation extraordinaire that has learned the value of A Lifestyle of Glory. The Glory of the Lord is a tangible reality available to every believer. Another way to say this would be that the Presence of the Lord is real! It is a tangible reality on earth as it is in Heaven. Let's look at Exodus 33:10-14 which says that Moses prayed to the Lord, "And all the people saw the cloudy pillar stand [at] the tabernacle door: and all the people rose up and worshipped, every man [in] his tent door. And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend. And he turned again into the camp: but his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle. And Moses said unto the LORD, See, thou sayest unto me, Bring up this people: and thou hast not let me know whom thou wilt send with me. Yet thou hast said, I know thee by name, and thou hast also found grace in my sight. Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way, that I may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight: and consider that this nation [is] thy people. And he said, My presence shall go [with thee]..." What a powerful passage of scripture demonstrating the tangible presence of the Lord that is not only available, but the heritage and destiny of every believer. Everyone saw, everyone heard, everyone experienced with their physical senses the Glory of the Lord. It was so beautiful and strong that everyone worshiped at the door of their tents. Entire families were witnessing the Glory of the Lord and worshiping in His Glorious Presence. We can't settle for anything less than this, the Glory of the Lord in all walks of life. Lifestyle of Glory I looked up the word presence in vs. 14 and I was amazed at its meaning. It means the face of Yahweh that completely surrounds you. In front of you, behind you, to the left and the right of you, above and beneath you. That blew me away when I read that what Moses had asked for the Glory of Yahweh (or the face of Yahweh) to completely surround them as they journeyed into a land whose builder and maker was the Lord. He asked for the Glory of the Lord to be the mark that followed the nation of Israel. In Matthew 28:20 Jesus says, "...I am with you always, [even] unto the end of the world. Amen." I looked up what that word "with" means in this verse and to my amazement it means after and/or behind. Virtually it means the same thing as stated in Exodus between Yahweh and Moses. And the great revelation in the New Covenant is that the former and latter rain have become one in Christ and now the Glory of Lord is a tangible reality around us and in us. In this Lifestyle of Glory we see the Lord of Glory completely surrounding us and pouring out His Spirit upon everyone who asks, seeks and knocks. Upon everyone who is hungry and the thirsty. Jesus' promise to everyone who asks is that they will receive. His promise to everyone who seeks is that they will find. His promise to everyone who knocks is that doors will be opened. He said blessed are the hungry & thirsty for they will be filled. The very nature of this lifestyle stirs up hunger for seeking intimacy with Jesus. It produces a true desire for change and transformation. A Lifestyle of Glory produces change that this world so desperately needs. Let's look at the change we see in the life of Peter after developing A Lifestyle of Glory. In Luke 5:8 we see Peter coming face to face with the Glory of the Lord in the person of Jesus and Peter falling down at Jesus' knees and saying, "depart from me Lord for I am a sinful man". In Luke 9:20 we see Peter declaring that Jesus is the Christ. In John 21:7 we see Peter jumping out of the boat and swimming to the resurrected Jesus who sat on the shore. In Acts 1:15 we see Peter standing up to preach among those who were gathered in the upper room. In Acts 2:14 we see Peter preaching and thousands coming to the Lord. In Acts 3:6 we see Peter doing the works of Jesus and seeing the crippled man healed. In Acts 5:15 we see people who are being healed by lining up in the street and getting in Peter's shadow! That transformation is result of developing A Lifestyle of Glory! To develop this lifestyle you must learn to prioritize and place a daily demand on His Glory. Jesus said it best when He said the kingdom of heaven is like a pearl that when it is found is worth selling everything for. It is this Lifestyle of daily Glory that will spark the fires of Revival around the world and will awaken America to a third Great Awakening. It is this lifestyle that demonstrates the tangible presence of the Father to an unbelieving world. It is through this lifestyle that we will see a great grace released like never before and see entire cities come under the Greater Glory of the Lord. So today we place a demand on the Glory of the Lord and we consider it the greatest joy to let go of everything that we might live in it.

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From Br. Ezra Orando! WORLD NEWS FROM : RADIO BIBLE ! 1) ECONOMIC CRISES in America and Europe: “ God makes NATIONS STRONG and GREAT, but He DEFEATS and DESTROYS them. He makes their leaders FOOLISH, and makes them WANDER, CONFUSED and LOST; They GROPE in the DARK and STAGGER like DRUNKARDS” Job 12:23-25. 2) DROUGHT in Somalia and FLOODS in Pakistan : “ DROUGHT comes when God WITHHOLDS RAIN; FLOOD comes when He TURNS WATER LOOSE” Job 12:15. 3) CONFLICTS in North African and the Arab world: “ God takes away the Wisdom of Rulers and makes LEADERS Acts like fools. He DETHRONES KINGS and makes them PRISONERS; He HUMBLES priest and MEN of POWER. He DISGRACES those in POWER and put an END to the STRENGTH OF RULERS” Job 12:17-21. Let’s pray that the eyes of the world will be opened to see the sovereignty of the LORD , and humble. Fear the God of Jesus Christ , all the nations and Rulers of the world! Stop serving an unknown “ Allah” , practicing occultism, legalizing Homosexuality etc, and repent! http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/

Blessing Sep 21, 2011

Dear Lord, Keeping blessing cross.tv

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Dear Friends, Thank u for your prayers. The Lord has indeed been so faithful to me and my family. I got a promotion in my office, and that promotion came on my Birthday this year. It was God's Birthday Gift to me. Shortly after that, i was posted to head a highly politicized unit of my Organization. But for God, i wont be there. I know that if HE send me there, HE will equip me. I need God's Wisdom to operate in my new office. Please help me pray that HIS will be achieved in me in this new office HE has put me...Amen!!! I Love you all.

Ezra Feb 15, 2011

From Br Ezra Chea Orando A. PRE-NOTE ( How to PREPARE to enter your new year BLESSINGS, is a continuation of the previous topics. Read previous topics if you are new). Dear brethren in Christ, are you a born again child of God in Christ? Then it is the right time for you to begin preparations to enter your New year wishes of blessings. May we pray that the Lord will lead us in a thorough stock taking of our life before him, as we follow the guiding steps below, so as to enable us better enter His airs of New Year blessings in our lives, for the year 2011 that is at the corner. Yes, the first Month of the year that the bible says: “ The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “ This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2(read ahead to verse 20), is soon. This is the pass over period we call today “Easter” in the Roman month of March, marking the departure of the people of Israel from Slavery in Egypt, to Canaan, which is already at the corner. If we believe as the bible says : “ God controls the Times and the seasons ” Daniel 2: 21, then we are today in the 12 Month of the year 2010. I follow the rising and setting of the Moon just as my unlearned parents do in the village, to know the beginning and end of a new month. They don’t follow the Roman Calendar, but are led by God’s spirit that says in the bible: “ You created the MOON to mark the END OF MONTHS” Psalms 104:19. We just celebrated a month ago, the death memorial of Saint Sylvester as new year and calling for God to bless. Knowing that God is an orderly God, and not that of disorder; and equally the God of the living and not that of the death, I don’t see how possible he would have blessed something which is opposing to his commands. You will all agree with us that, you can’t justify the feast of Saint Sylvester as new year with any word of God. If you can, then I beg you to quote only one!. If you can’t, then you better submit to the word of God. We don’t do what we think is good for God in the name of salvation by grace in Christ, but what God commands us to do. PREPARATIONS IN STOCK TAKING 1st STEP: A) STOCK TAKING OF OUR LIVES FOR THE PAST YEAR AT INDIVIDUAL OR PERSONAL LEVEL. 1) Look at your SPIRITUAL LIFE with the Lord in terms of: -Spiritual growth since you believed: Is it progressing or regressing? -Has your love of the world and the things of the world been growing more violent, or more compromising? -Have you noticed an attitude in your life of more violence towards sin, or you have turned back to committing the very sins you had long confessed and abandoned just like a dog will turn back to it’s vomit? -Have you known your specific assignment from the Lord and you are busy doing it, or you are just there like that after 1,2, 3, 4, 5...years wasting time doing nothing? ( Why are you wasting the whole day here doing nothing? He asked them... Matthew 20:6). -Are you bearing fruits, or you are still spiritually sterile as you were in the world? ( Then Jesus told them this parable: There was once a man who had a fig-tree growing in his vineyard. He went looking for figs on it but found none. So he said to the gardener, “Look for three years I have been coming here looking for figs on this fig-tree, and I haven’t found any. Cut it down.... ” Luke 13:6-9. Every believer born again in Christ, is a fig-tree in his vineyard. Etc, etc.... -What of your spiritual investment before the Lord for the salvation of the souls of your family members! Have you been tarrying before the Lord in their favor for God to convict their hearts of sins and provoke repentance in their hearts? Or you have been look warm and cold, and instead prefer to be accusing and insulting them? You are God’s representative in your family and will render account of their souls before God on the judgment day. 2) Look at your SOCIO-ECONOMIC LIFE: -Is your socio-economic life ( Marital , financial, health etc..) moving on the trend of the Lord as you collaborate with Him, consciously assured that He is leading you from one step to the other, or you are just confused, desperate and frustrated in a standstill, not knowing what is happening, and counting on good luck? -Are you in spiritual rest in your socio-economic life before the Lord, or in spiritual unrest? B) STOCK TAKING AT GENERAL LEVEL OF THE BODY OF CHRIST: -Are you growing in harmony into maturity with the general body of Christ, which is universally one and indivisible guided by the Holy Scriptures under the teaching of the Holy Spirit, or you are yoked to your denominational doctrines? -Has your spirit been raised beyond denominational barriers so that your mind is broadly opened to share with exhortations of other members of the body of Christ scattered world wide, or you believe and swear only by your denominational doctrines? The bible says: “ It was He who gave gifts.....for the work of Christian service in order to build up the body of Christ...And so we shall all come together to that ONENESS in our faith...we shall become MATURE people, reaching to the very height of Christ’s full stature” Ephesians 4:11-13. -If you are a leader over God’s people, how can you clearly present before God your stewardship to him in your tending of his flock? Is it negative or positive? May these words of the Lord be your mirror to look through: “ You take care of yourself but never tend the sheep. .You drink the milk, wear clothes made from the wool, and kill and eat the finest sheep. But you never tend the sheep. .You have not taken care of the weak ones, healed those that are sick, bandaged those that are hurt, brought back those that wandered off, or looked for those that were lost. Instead you treated them cruelly. Because the sheep had no Shepard, they were scattered and wild animals killed and ate them...” Ezekiel 34: 2-5. Etc.... Yes, we must yearly take stock of our life before God to enable a better continuation. Else what are you wishing God to bless for the new year? The drama is that, in our business enterprises, we know very well how to yearly take stock of our business activities, but when it comes to God, we think that we can just do anything in the name of being saved by grace in Christ. 2nd STEP: BUILD UP HEART’S DESIRES IN COLLABORATION WITH THE LORD, AS WISHES FOR A PROSPEROUS WAY FORWARD TO BE BLESSED BY HIM FOR THE NEW YEAR. Therefore, after all these stock taking of our life for the past year, we can now in collaboration with the Lord put things right where they went wrong, then place before Him what we aspire for the new year as wishes for Him to bless for our lives( spiritual, socio-economic): That of the church -Family -Friends -Country and the world. So, we don’t just jump up one morning and start shouting: Happy new year!!!!!, in Eating, drinking, dancing, sexual immorality, drunkenness, etc. Look brethren, our God is a mighty God! He is not a child that we just come to clown before Him. Such are the works of the devil, and I don’t see how saints of the Lord that we are, can be part-takers. 3rd STEP: THIS IS THAT OF CELEBRATION BEFOR GOD IN THANKS GIVING AND PRAISES IN THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR AS WE PROCLAIM AND ENTER OUR NEW YEAR AIRS OF BLESSINGS. After the first and second step of stock taking and building of new vision for a better way forward, we then proclaim it into the new year new for God’s blessings to prosper. We do this in feasting, rejoicing, praises and thanks giving to the Lord as commanded in Deuteronomy 14:22-26 in the first month of the year, irrespective of the day. It can therefore be on the 1st, 2nd , 3rd, 4th, 6, 10th, 15 th etc, there will be no problem. Unless the born again children of God generally agree on a particular day to generally do it world wide which preferably can be at the rising of the new moon, they can individually choose any day and will not be sinning before God. The fundamental is that, it should be in the first month of the year. When the present moon now which is up representing the 12 month of the year 2010 dies before the Lord, it next rising will be the first month of the year that the Lord spoke of in exodus 12:1-20. This will be around March. I will let you inform. Visit debate blog Number 19, for details on this, as to be well clarified. As I equally withdraw to take stock, I will then come out with my prayers of wishes of new year blessings to my brethren, the church and the world. If there is any brethren who has any specific thing to wish me handle specifically, then you write me spelling them out clearly: wwmissionar@yahoo.com ezrachea@yahoo.com But you must be sure to have followed the teachings on this topic carefully from the previous topics, and let your spirit be buried into it as God’s truth. Therefore, you must have been enlightened to spiritually denounce the false new year wishes of blessings you claim from saint Sylvester by celebrating his death memorial as new year, because they were curses. You can not be blessed by the death spirit of saint Sylvester, and the Spirit of the living God. You must chose one. Either you choose the LORD, or the Roman Catholic Saint Sylvester. Equally, don’t say “ Let me just try and see if it will work”. The bible says you shall not put the Lord your God to test”. So you must read and pray as to be spiritually well convicted of the truth, before you get into it. PRAYERS: -Heavenly father, thank you that we are before you in the 12 month of the year 2010, coming to an end in few weeks for us to enter into the first month of the year which you spoke of in Exodus 12: 1. -You are our heavenly father before whom we must yearly render an account of our lives! It is true that Satan changed your Times and Laws and we your saints have been obeying him till date, just as you had said in Daniel 7:25 and therefore disobeying you in obedience to him. We pray that you forgive us. -We humble before you now to beg that you teach and lead us in stock taking of our lives for this year which is ending, so as to better enter into your blessings of the new year that is at the corner. -We pray that you release the light of your Holy spirit upon our hearts, as to better confront it in a sincere stock taking void of deceits and falsehood, as to squally face the truth that your know about us, in our walk with you. Do it Lord, so that we may correct ourselves and better enter a new year of spiritual and socio-economic prosperity before you. -May you open our minds into the understanding of this teachings so that we will be led by the holy Spirit to obey for our blessings, rather than carnally trying to test you for our own disfavor. Continue to pray as the Holy Spirit may lead you. Check blog No 19 for what divine scriptural inspiration says on open debate topic: “This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU.... Exodus12:1-2..

Needy Jan 22, 2011

Dear prayer partners , Pray for me as I've to lead worship session in Kingdom of God International Church in Sunday service...,We are celebrating Holy Ghost Sunday service..., for the baptism of the Holy spirit for newly born people, and for the fresh fire and anointing of the Holy Spirit for those who are walking wid God. Pray for the worship anointing and for the deliverance of multitudes..., I am depending upon God, Pray for the presence of the Jesus Christ, and manifestation of the Holy Spirit with His tangible anointing..., I believe , God will do for His people..Amen!

Ezra Jan 18, 2011 2 評論

From Br Ezra Orlando Chea A. PRE-NOTE Dear Brethren, let us pray that the Lord will open our minds to the understanding of this His word that says : The wicked one shall speak words against the most High God, and shall wear out the SAINTS of the most High, and shall think to CHANGE THE TIMES AND LAWS AND THEY SHALL BE GIVEN INTO HIS HANDS( Daniel 7: 25- 28). Important to note is the fact that, this text is appealing essentially to the Saints of the Most High, who are authentic members of the body of Christ. Therefore, true and sincere “born again” children of God worshipping Him in spirit and truth (John 4: 23). Before we continue, we will want to emphasize that, as an End Time Ministry for the perfecting of Saints in ready for the Rapture, these teaching are directed to believers in particular. According to the bible, the LORD considers as SAINTS, all those who have sincerely repented from their sins, baptized in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins, and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Act 2:38), and are climbing the ladder of spiritual maturity. So if you read and can’t identify yourself to it , just stay you quite. “THE SAINTS SHALL BE GIVEN INTO HIS HANDS” This means that he will successfully carry out the changes and the saints will obey him. The Lord says, “How can you say that you are wise, and that you know my Laws? Look, dishonest scribes have changed the Laws. Your wise men are put to shame…. . They have rejected my words’ what wisdom have they got now?”(Jeremiah 8:8-9). The question now is, are you a saint? If yes, then this message is addressed to you: Which are the Times and Laws (norms) in the heart and mind of the Most High, that the wicked one has changed and you are obeying him? WHEN A FATHER SPEAKS AND REPEATEDLY WARNS HIS CHILD ON SOMETHING, WHAT MUST THAT CHILD DO? Yes, God had spoken and said: -“The wicked one shall speak words against the Most High God, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and shall think to change the Times and Laws; And they shall be given into his hands”. Yes, He said this through Daniel and repeated the warning through His son Jesus Christ saying of the coming End of the World: -“ So when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the Holy place (let the ready understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountain; let him who is on the house top not go down to take what is in his house(Matthew 24:15). WHICH ARE THE TIMES AND LAWS OF GOD THAT SATAN HAS CHANGED AND WE THE SAINTS OF GOD( believers in Christ) ARE OBEYING HIM? The questions the Lord is asking all His Saints including you and me are: 1) Which are those my Times and Laws, I said in Daniel 7:25 that Satan will change, and you will obey him? 2) When I said “ So When you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand) then let those who are in Judea flee (Matthew 24:14)! What was prophet Daniel saying? I suggest that we biblically and clearly try to answer these questions, turning to God and asking Him, and waiting. All servants of the Lord are obliged to take note of whatever thing He says, find out and conform to it. AN INTELLIGENT CHILD OF GOD WILL ASK THE QUESTION: -Which are these Times and Laws of my Father, that He is warning me that Satan will change and I will obey him? Has Satan already changed them, and I am obeying him? Since it is only something that exists that can be changed, he will then seek from the word and collaborate with the father in order to know them. After knowing them, he compares them with what exists, to see if any has been changed. If yes, then he takes note, because his father has already warned him. And knowing that the wicked one is an enemy to his father, and if his father had warned him before time, it means this is very important to him. He now rejects what the enemy has changed which he is obeying, and goes back to submit to his father’s legislation. Is this not simple and very normal? Instead of we the saints doing this we prefer to go around philosophising, and joining the enemy to castigate those who want to get into the restoration of God’s Times and Laws that Satan has changed. Remember in continuation of the text after Satan gas changed the Times and laws of God and his saints are obeying him, it continues saying: “ But the heavenly court shall sit in judgment, and his dominion shall be taken away to be consumed and destroyed to the end. And the kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High God; their kingdom shall be an everlasting, and all the dominion shall serve and obey them; ‘‘Here is the end of the matter” (Daniel 7: 25-28). There are three very important things, which are very clear from this Text, and follow a sequence: FIRSTLY : “The wicked one shall speak words against the most High God, and Shall wear out the saints of the most High, and shall think to change the times and the laws; and the saints shall be given into his hands for a time, two times and a half a time(Daniel Verse 25). Satan has already changed the Times and Laws of God as we read in our previous blog page teachings. SECONDLY: : “But the heavenly court shall sit in judgment and his dominion shall be taken away and consumed and destroyed to the end”( Daniel verse. 26). Satan’s dominion over the saints of the most high has already been taken away, and is been destroyed to the end with as God restores his Times and Laws that Satan has changed. Today God is raising instruments to remind His Saints on what prophet Daniel said, bringing to light the Times and Laws that Satan has changed for his saints to get into his right Times and Laws, then the end will come. Therefore: THIRDLY: “And the kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High God; their kingdom shall be an everlasting,..”( 7 Vs 27). Our prayer topic Number 30, 31 and blog page Number 18, are all in the light of this text of Daniel 7:25. So when we talk of celebration of the feast of Saint Sylvester as end of year instituted by the Roman Catholics , and the right end of year as commanded by God: - “ The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “ This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2.(read ahead to verse 20). This sounds a command to obey his Time as he has set in place! In which period was he commanding this as the first month of the year? This was in the pass over period we call today “Easter” in the Roman month of March, marking the departure of the people of Israel from Slavery in Egypt, to Canaan. The book : Imminent End of the World, carries very detail teachings on this subject matter PRAYERS: - Heavenly Father, we thank you for the high value you attached to your Times and Laws that you had to warned us long in time that Satan will changed them, and we your Saints will obey him. - We thank you that even after these changes and our obeying him, you have not abandoned us, but instead taken away his dominion over us just as you had promised, and are destroying it to the end, to give us the righteous kingdom with the imminent rapture. - Father, we pray that you open our minds on the understanding of these your Times and Laws that Satan changed, and we your Saints are obeying him. - Grant us your divine knowledge, intelligence and wisdom to know them as you teach us, for their restoration that we may get into perfection and be ready for the rapture. - We pray that you grant us the grace to obey , and lead us not into temptation of kicking against, instead of turning to you for more clarification. Continue as the holy Spirit leads you......;

Ezra Oct 04, 2010 3 評論

From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea PRE-NOTES: Brethren, a fervent servant of the Lord was so clear when he made us to understand that, nothing is more pleasing to our Father in heaven than direct, IMPORTUNATE, and PERSEVERING prayers! He related that, there were two Christian ladies, whose husbands were unconverted, feeling their great danger, agreed to spend one hour each day in united prayer for their salvation. This was continued for seven years when they debated whether they should pray longer, so useless did their prayers appear. They decided to persevere till death, and if their husbands went to destruction, it should be laden with prayers. In renewed strength, they prayed three years longer, when one of them was awakened in the night by her husband, who was in great distress from sin. As soon as the day dawned, she hastened, with joy, to tell her praying companion that God was about to answer their prayers. What was her surprise to meet her friend coming to her house on the same errand! Thus, ten years of united and persevering prayer was crowned with the conversion of both husbands on the same day. In our previous prayer topic, we clearly spelled out the Lord’s command that says: “ And so I tell you: what you prohibit on earth will be prohibited in heaven, and what you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven. And I tell you more : whenever TWO OF YOU ON EARTH AGREE ABOUT ANYTHING YOU PRAY FOR, IT WILL BE DONE FOR YOU BY MY FATHER IN HEAVEN. For where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them” Matthew 18:18-20. These two sisters put into practice this command of God in persistent prayers for ten years, and save the souls of their beloved ones. Brethren, we will all agree that in each home, we may have at least two believers, and even if we do not, we should know a believer in Christ around us! Have we in two, agreed to pray and pray until our beloved ones are saved? And if we have, for how long have we been investing in continues prayers watered with fasting for the souls of our beloved ones, that we decided to stop or are thinking to stop? This is a very challenging question God is asking us today! Can we clearly answer that, we are obeying this His command? We are going to be accountable before God, for the soul of each of our family members that perished because we failed to do something about, for has the bible not said plainly: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved –you and your family” Act 16:31. What have we done to this promise with regards the salvation of our beloved ones? Brethren, God is speaking and warning us but only the wise and intelligent ones who can see beyond the mean mortal instrument He is using, and discern the voice of God, will heed to it and put themselves right, but the dull and foolish ones will despise and end up perishing ! Has he not clearly said he will use but mean things to confront those who think that they are wise? It must be made very clear that , the perfect will of God is that, everyone be saved on planet earth. To this, the bible says: -“ God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life” John 3: 16. -“ There is the lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world “ John 1:29. Brethren, Satan has wisely seduced us to believe that predestination means that there are people God has already chosen to be saved, while others to perish! Therefore they say, no matter how we may pray and fast for that one, he will not believe, and so no need praying! If God were to behave like this, then he would be a very wicked God, and therefore no place for the word: “ God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son”. No, brethren, predestination for salvation means that God has established in his sovereignty that, everyone who wills to repent from his sins and turn to him through Christ, to obey him till the end, will be saved. And for someone to WILL to turn to the Lord for the salvation of his soul, the Holy Spirit must woo or convict him. And for the Holy Spirit to do this work, we must pray. Therefore, without prayers, from the church-believer(s), it is impossible. A believer is the temple of (church) God where he dwells through the Holy Spirit(2nd Peter 2nd 4-6. Therefore, what ever two or three believers decides on earth that is in God’s perfect will, He will answer. It is therefore very important to note that, except we discern with the Lord that someone has cross the mysterious deadline boundary(sins unto death 1 John 16, Hebrew 6:4-6) , we must pray persistently for the salvation of his soul. The Lord said to us: “If you forgive people’s sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven” John 20:2. Yes, “No man can come to me except the Father who sent me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day” John 6:44. And we will all believe that the father will always draw everyone by the means of the Holy Spirit, since He is not respecters of persons(John 1:9). Therefore, although it is God’s will that all be saved , and although he has made provision for the salvation of the whole world, this salvation is limited wholly and entirely by lack of prayers from the Church(believers). Therefore if we the believers do not work hard in prayers, the Holy Spirit will not woo or convict, because the Holy Spirit has the power to enlighten the mind, awaken the spirit, and move the emotions of a man that he will find it difficult to continue to resist. We will acknowledge the truth that, all of us were from the beginning rebels before yielding to the wooing voice of the Holy Spirit. Quite often, we resist the moving voice until it becomes so persuasive that we can no longer resist, and so give in. And although our hearts yielded, we could have well continue to resist, which all a normal general pattern of the journey from rebellion to surrender. In normal cases, every rebel will bow down to surrender, if he realizes that the one on the offensive is bent at not giving up! Who is therefore that one who will not finally bow down to the continuous persuasive voice of the Holy Spirit? And how can this persuasive voice of the Holy Spirit continue it’s work of persuasion if there is no one enflaming it with prayers ? Conclusively therefore brethren, you and me believers in Christ and not the devil, holds the balance of power over the destinations of the souls of our beloved ones, and we shall render an account before God on this. By our prayers, or lack of it , we hold the power of life or death over the souls of our beloved ones, and the world as a whole. Brethren, God has wielded the powers and authority over the earth into the hands of the believers(church). Here, we don’t mean counterfeit “Christians”, but the authentic as understood in our prayer N° 19. If you are not sure of yourself as an authentic Christian, just verify to put yourself right. But unfortunately, we are blind to this realities, and are allowing Satan and his demons to do with us and souls of men what they like. Has the Lord not said: “Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud upon their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their mouths, and a two-edged sword in their hands, to execute the vengeance upon the heathen, and punishment upon the people to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; to execute upon the judgment written. This honour have all the saints. Praise the Lord” Psalms 149:5-9. O God!!!! May you open the minds of your children to understand this spiritual realities, so that we may begin to make use of the immense powers you have entrusted upon us through Christ, for the salvation of souls from Satan’s trap of destruction! Has the LORD not said in Job 33:19-30: “ He will not let man be destroyed, he saves him from death itself. God corrects a man by sending sickness and filling his body with pain. The sick man loses his appetite, and even the finest food looks revolting. His body waste away to nothing; he is about to go to the world of the dead. Perhaps an angel may come to his aid-one of God’s thousand of angels, who REMIND men of their DUTY. In mercy the angel will say, “ Release him! He is not to go down to the world of the dead. Here is the ramsom to set him free”. His body will grow young and strong again. When he prays, God will answer him, he will worship God with joy; God will set things right for him again. He will say in PUBLIC(testimony); “ I have sinned . I have not done right, but God spared me. He kept me from going to the world of the dead., and I am still alive”. God does all this again and again: he saves a person’s life, and gives him the joy of living” Good news. As we can see from the text above, because of God’s love for man, he will use every means possible to save his life. The believers are the angles, to pray for man and announce him the way of the LORD(duty). Brethren, as a medical personnel, many have been led to the Lord, through their sickness. There are many of us, who knew the lord through sickness. So, when there are prayers for the salvation of souls, God can use any means possible to turn that soul back to him for salvation. I know many people who ended up thanking the Lord for having permitted a sickness through which they ended up being believers. They will say: “If not of this sickness that took down my pride and I saw dead with my eyes, I don’t think I would have given my life to Christ. May be an accident would have carried me to hell, before I could have gotten time to repent”. The consequences of sins is dead as the bible says, and it may come through any means possible including sickness. So when sickness is eating us gradually to our graves, the Lord may step in and use it to humble us into repentance for the salvation of our souls. I advice that when we are already a believer waxing strong in the LORD, but then soon starts becoming sickly, we should not just be praying that God should heal us, but humble before him to find out what was going wrong in our walk with him. Our Lord Jesus Christ said somewhere: “ Listen , you are well now; so stop sinning or something worse may happen to you” John 5:14. Also read James 5:13-16. Good health goes with the prosperity of our soul(3rd John 2). That said, when we settle to continuously pray until the souls of our beloved ones are saved, we must first do well to identify Satan’s strongholds in their lives. That is in terms of the god(s) of the world which may vary from one person to another: -Love of money -Pride of the world -Love of power -Love of women for sex -Love of men for sex -Professional prostitution -Homosexuality -Lesbianism -Pedophile -Love of cigarettes -Love of drinking or drunkenness. -Religious morality( doing some good works in any religious system whatsoever) -Stealing -Drug addiction -Love of customs and traditions. -The love of worldly attire etc.. When we must have identify these satanic strongholds over a persons life, we can then in prayer of authority, go against Satan and his demons, and overthrow their reign over his life, take him captive for Christ, and transfer him spiritually from the kingdom of darkness to that of light. Read our prayer N° 6 of June 14, 2010 for added materials on how to go about this. Ask the Lord to identify the strong satanic chains of blindness that may harden the hearts of our beloved ones from radical repentance and turning to Christ. You then get into prayer of authority to uproot and overthrow them, then plant and build Christ in their hearts spiritually just by your words. To this the bible says: “To day I give you the authority over nations and kingdoms to uproot and to pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and plant” Jeremiah 1:10. To win a soul for Christ, we first do it spiritually in the invisible with the Lord, before it materializes to the visible with time . So we need a lot of patience in importune praying. When we want to plant a farm what do we do? Firstly we clear it from thorns and cultivate the harden soil to soft and fertile one, good to plant the seeds. In this spiritual battle, at times the person’s situation may instead seem to be worsening. Don’t go by sight. It may just be the last kicks of a dying horse, or Satan’s attempts to discourage and stop your move from saving his soul. The final victory may just be at the horizon. A women in war against the strongholds of drunkenness in the husband’s life, may even start dragging him out from the gutter, or from urine or excrement in a bar, back home. Or will see him urinating or pouring out vomit on her on the bed. Don’t say it is too much, you are tired and will no longer continue. No!!! it is right time for you to Intensify the spiritual battle in prayers! I’m used to deliverance, and at times when a demon wants to escape being cast out, it causes the person to vomit or pass out excrements that will have a terrible smell. Or when they are about to leave, they slain the person on the ground as if he was death, as they are living, as we may see in many cases in the bible. So, never try to transfer the battle from the spiritual to the physical! If you do, you will be defeated. Ask for the spirit of patients from the Lord, and keep your peace and calm. The victory is at hand, and soon you will see him over into the Lord’s kingdom of life. The bible says: “ You need to be PATIENT in order to do the will of God and receive what he promises” Hebrew 10:36. -It may be your son or daughter who is growing wild in rough life! Don’t give up when you see the situation in the physical instead worsening! -It may be your wife or husband buried in the worship of status or scarecrows of “Jesus” and “Mary”, and instead you see him bringing many of these wooden scarecrows to line them round your bed, and covert the walls with it’s pictures, don’t be frighten give up that the situation has worsen! Soon you will just discover that he has gathered and pilled them out and is setting fire on them, before you even have time to beg for some to use as firewood. -It may be your wife of husband indulged in adultery, and you don’t seem to see the situation changing, don’t give up so long as he or she still loves staying with you(1st Corinthians 7:13-14)! Don’t see him or her, but see the devil and keep battling against him. The bible says we are not fighting against blood and flesh, but Satan and his demons(Ephesians6:11-13). I know this is the most difficult because of emotional sentiments involved, but this is really where we can talk of grace from God to endure! To quickly defeat us, Satan will bring us text like : “Divorce is permitted in the case of adultery” (Matthew 5:32) so as to keep the soul permanently for hell, while closing our eyes to another scripture that requires forgiveness 490times(Matthew18:22). We are not saying that people should go around committing adultery, since they will be forgiven by their mate, because it may lead you to immediate physical death before your mate ever thinks of forgiving you! We are just emphasizing that, we have to keep asking and asking in prayers, even it has to be for 10, 15, 20 25, 30…years, for has the Lord not said:” ..I tell you, though he will not get up and give him anything because he is his friend, yet because of his IMPORTUNITY he will rise and give him whatever he needs”. And I tell you, Ask and it will be given you; seek, and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you” Luke 11:7-10. But quite often unfortunately, we want to pray and see things happen as soon as possible. And when they seem to delay, we turn to carnality and starts using insults and hands, to solve the situation which cannot work. Then when we have failed, we start using the bible wrongly to back our failures saying: he was predestined to perish, God will act when his own time comes, he has chosen to go him to hell, he signed a pact with Satan, etc… That is why we emphasize in our blog message N°……..on the need of circumcision of our hearts from idols, because a believer not circumcised in heart from the idol of anger, impatience, bitterness, pride, intolerance etc, is himself bound and we don’t see how someone bound, can be struggling to un bound another. It will be impossible for such to persevere in prayers until his beloved ones are saved. PRAYERS: -Father we thank you for reminding us that we will be responsible before you for the souls of our beloved ones! - Open our minds to understand that your predestination for salvation is open to everyone and not for some privileged ones since you are not respecter of persons, but send your son that all be saved! -We confess that we have been very negligent with regards persistent prayers for the salvation of our beloved ones! Or we confess that we have never thought of praying for the salvation of their souls from the dept of our hearts! - We repent for having neglected your command to pray and importune for the salvation of their souls! - Father, we regret and repent before you for all those who have already perished because we failed to pray and importune for the salvation of their souls! - May the light of your Holy spirit dawn upon our hearts afresh and our minds be open to understand this deep spiritual realities that, the balance of power over the life or death of souls depends on our persistent prayers or lack of it, and not the devil! - May you stir up our spirit to begin to put your word into practice, agreeing in two to pray and keep praying until we see the souls of our beloved ones saved from the eternal lake of fire - We pray that you open our minds to understand that the Holy Spirit will continue to woo a soul for repentance, so long as we continue to pray for that soul, and will stop when we stop enflaming him in prayers! -Father may you open our minds to understand that we are fighting against satan and his demons and not blood and flesh, so that we will not be tempted to move the battle from the spiritual to the physical and so lost the battle! -May you open our eyes to see the spiritual truth that someone who is himself bound, cannot unbound another! This, so that we can humble and collaborate with the holy Spirit for the circumcision of our hearts from idols, as to be better placed to unbound the souls of our beloved ones! - By your grace , grant us yous gift of patients, so that we will be able to persist tirelessly until the victory is worn! Let’s continue to pray as the Spirit leads us.... ATTENTION OF READERS( Visit our blog N° 16 on Open debate N°7: How did the operational force of SIN began in LUCIFER , then to MAN, and what is the spiritual significance of WATER IMMERSION(Baptism) in man’s REDEMPTION process from operational force called SIN). NB: Please, the Open debate N° 5: How do we proceed in the choice of a life partner as to assure a successful Christian marriage?, seems preoccupying to many, and there are one or two things to learn that may help prevent future marital squabbles, or solve some present ones because we failed some where from the beginning. So you can visit our blog for it.

paula garcia Aug 13, 2010 5 評論

Gracias Senor por la vida por todo lo que me has regalado sin merecerlo, recuerdo mi pasado Amado Senor y recuerdo que aveces no tenia ni para comer con mis muchachos pequenos y mi esposo sumergido en el alcohol, haciendolo totalmente irresponsable me toco hacer de padre y de madre al mismo tiempo, trabajando bastante para sobrevivir y siempre anorrando compatir mas tiempo con mis muchachos y todas las cosas de su nines. Ahora el tiempo ha pasado, tengo mi hija mas grande que trabaja para una aerolinea, aqui en los U.S.A y por la misericordia del Senor hoy puedo viajar casi a cualquier pate del mundo,mi esposo despues de 17 anos ha dejado de beber y todo se lo debo a la gran miseicordia de mi Senor, mis hijo son buenos joveness, les he tratado de inculcar el gran amor de mi Senor, reconosco que sin la ayuda del Senor no lo hubiese logrado pero el ha estado en cada momento de mi vida renovando mis fuerzas el camino no ha sido facil pero aqui estoy Senor, agarrada de tu mano sin quererme soltar, gracias porque las asperezas del camino no han cambiado mi corazon, sigue siendo ese corazon agradecido que te amara hasta la muerte.

Ezra Jul 19, 2010 4 評論

From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea PRE-NOTES: To be more victorious against the devil, the youths must be our target of investment. Brethren, the LORD made me to understand that, the strongest weapon of the devil against a nation and it's people is sexual immorality. And this is because, through just ONE act of illegal sexual, we will not only carry from the others, thousands of curses that immediately becomes active in our lives to later flow unto our descendants 3rd to the 4th generation, but equally open doors to the influence of thousands of demons in our lives. For example partner A has illegal sex with partner B who had illegal sex with partner C, gets connected to the curses and equally opened to the demons active in the live of partner C, and so on. So, partner A who only yoked himself with partner B in illegal sex, automatically yoked himself to the other sexual partners of B, and so forth. This is one of the reasons why the LORD says, he who joins his body with another in illegal sex, becomes one with that one. Therefore, we must flee from sexual immorality because any other sin a man commits is out of his body, but he who commits sexual immorality, sins against his own body( 1st Corinthians 6: 15-19). Therefore, a whole generation of people and nations can easily be yoked and destroyed by Satan through illegal sex. And since sex deals with the stimulation of some sensational body excitement, Satan easily begins sowing the seeds of sexual excitement at very young tender age. And if we or our parents had been given to sexual immorality before and in marriage, our children already bound by our curses of sexual immorality, will have their obedience to demons of sexual immorality, easily flow without any problem. Every adult passes through the youthful stage. If we get down to this youthful age, and begin putting things right from there, then we will have an adult population that is pure from sexual immorality, and the benefits to the kingdom of God and the nation as well, will be enormous as we are going to see ahead. A youthful growing population seriously armed against Satan’s venom of sexual immorality, and growing up in purity in the domain of sex till marriage and remain loyal, easily overcome Satan’s dominion in their lives even in other areas especially when they are in Christ. The question now is, in the face of Satan’s promotion of sexual immorality and perversion(Homosexuality through state legalization) in our societies of today as a mode of life, so that a child growing up to a certain age without indulging in this sinful practices is considered as “uncivilized”! What is the church (authentic believers in Christ) doing as to encourage and promote purity of our youths until marriage as a fundamental societal role model? We all know that youths are very vulnerable to what ever is presented to them as a societal model. Everything that is promoted by the society as fashionable, the youths easily copy. In India, about 90% of the girls married as virgins because the culture was sensible to this moral aspect of God’s law, as a model. It is true that they had been predominated by the worship of Baal, but we all know the integrity of those turning to the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. They hardly compromise like some of us born and breed in the so called “Christian –sinners” nations. This is a reality that none can refute. It is my humble exhortation that we attack this devil’s weapon of sexual immorality and perversion at the roots, which is at the level of the growing children (youths), by seriously coming out into the public to promote virginity until marriage and making it a societal role model. The bible says plainly: “Teach a child how he should live, and he will remember it all his life” Proverb 22:6 We can do this in the following ways: -Special gifts to wedding virgins etc.. -Virgin forums within our various assemblies as to boast youths integrity, where parents who married as virgin, those who married dis-virgin and are regretting it, medical personnel’s etc will exhort them. -Virgin conferences and seminars as to better drill them. And you can propose the rest...... There are many of our youths who get into this evil practices not because they loved it, but simply because of the stigma from perverse friends who called them “uncivilized”, or ignorance of the whole issue of illegal pre-marital etc. It is true that we are restored back in Christ after committing this evil, but quite often we never be the same again, and equally the earthly consequences always remains(sterility resulting from: diseases, multiple abortions etc..). Personally, I still always feel ashamed of my self for my sins of pre-marital sex. The sin of sexuality as the Lord rightly says, is indeed a terrible sin as earlier analyzed in previous exhortations. A growing youth with purity in sex will not only help produce holy people before God, but will: -Provide a strong and healthy population and thus a good labor force which is fundamental for the socio-economic development of a nation. None is ignorant of the destruction this pandemic is causing to world’s labor force which is becoming more and more reduced and fragile. Today about 45% of world’s youthful population is HIV infected. -Funds now wasted to handle HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmittable diseases will be directed into other areas of societal development. -Increase life expectancy and consequently the country’s labor force, since many are precipitated to death by sexually transmitted diseases. -Reduce the rate of: sterility, orphans, widows and widowers that are all end results of sexual immorality. -Reduce family poverty and stress because there is some one in the family suffering from HIV/AIDS that is a call for concern. -This will equally better handle the other rapidly rising Satan’s weapons of sexual perversion which are: Homosexuality, lesbianism and pedophilia. I was very disappointed sometimes ago, when I attended the wedding of some two virgin (both the girl and the boy), and the preceding pastor never even made mentioned of the virginity status of these couples, which would have been encouraging to the growing youths. I knew this because I had attended to them medically before their marriage. When we behave like this, how do we encourage the youths to see the glory that lies in preserving their virginity till marriage? Mere threatening with bible phrases of going to hell always fails because quite often we are shocked to see them bringing pregnancies and sexually transmissible diseases home. Yes, for there are people who fear the consequences of sins and run away from it, not that they hate it. With such, the devil can successfully tricks them into committing it, since they had in the first place never hated it. We all know how failing the family is today, because of the mad rush after jobs and money! If the church then fails to assume its divine responsibility before God, then the situation of our growing youths and thus the nation will be pathetic, since they are the leaders of tomorrow. I think it is in this direction that Brother Babu Cherian raised the prayer topic for the youths in one of his prayer topics. While therefore, Satan is busy using fake “Christianity” to promote human degradation through sexual perversion by: -Producing erotic sexual dresses -Producing pornographic pictures and films -Legalizing through government authorities homosexuality, prostitution as an official profession, etc -Sex magazines and music etc., We the authentic Christian(born again followers of Christ John 3:3), should no longer sit in our four walls building on Sundays, and occasionally be threatening youths with words. We must no longer shill on this topic, but step out and be very active in the society, to promote virginity before marriage. We all know there are many talented born again children of God, capable of doing many things in this direction, but probably are not encouraged, or have shilled to the background. The bible says: " From the time John preached his message untill this day the kingdom of heaven suffered violent attacks, and the violent men can seize it" Matthew 11:12-13. Please brethren let us rise up in voilence against Satan and his works of darkness in our lives and those of our brethren. He is very aggresive and violent in his works of seduction these last days preceeding the end. So let us counteract him. Just some few years behind, who could have believed that a day will come when governing authorities will be endorsing and legalizing homosexuality on it's population? In the face of all these, God is carefully watching the attitude of his authentic saints. To this the bible says: " You have said terrible things against me....Then the people who feared the LORD spoke to one another, and the LORD listened and head what they said. In his presence there was written down in a book a record of those who feared the Lord and respected him. They will be my people..." Malachi 3:13-18 Yes, because from the beginning he had given us authority over the earth and everything in it, to subdue and dorminate for his glory. But because of our love for food, we took it and gave it to Satan. But now that he has restored it back to us in Christ, we will be responsible before Him, for our stewardship on earth. We the authentic children of God instead seem to be very dull, and have painted a defeatist attitude of our God. The bible says: “ No one lights a lamp and then hides it or put it under a bowl, instead, he puts it on the lampstand , so that people may see the light as they come in” Luke 11:33. We are considered by the Lord as a lighted lamps, but where is our shinning in the world of darkness? But instead, we hide it or put it under the bowl of the world’s rotten standards and claim salvation by grace in Jesus. We don’t know how many companies are out there owned by authentic children of God operating under divine business talent, and are producing descent dresses, that should attract the lost world to run after. If the Moslems under mental morality according to the Law of Moses(works of the law), are struggling to produce descent dresses(not the Boca) for their followers as to please the unknown God they are saving, what more of us claiming to serve a known God through Jesus Christ and having the Holy Spirit to more enlightened us? I’m where there are Moslems but you will hardly see their moral females with exposed swollen breast like balloons flying in the air, nor exposed laps in miniskirts and exposed buttocks in nylon bags called trousers. But this is the favorite of our so called Christians. My village mothers not corrupted by the so called worldly modernity, but still are having their conscience alighted by the holy norms of God, dressed modestly as the bible commands without never reading the bible, since many can’t read in the first place(The gentiles do not have the law, but whenever they do by instinct what the law command, they are their own law, even though they do not have the Law. Their conduct shows that what the law commands is written in their hearts Romans 2:14). So whether black or white, intellectual or illiterate in any type of religion whatsoever, the natural moral laws of God as to descent attire, is written in our hearts. There are only two cultures or customs existing in the world: that of God naturally written in our hearts and revealed in the word of God, and that of the devil. So, any human custom that is contrary to that of God, is of the devil. What some of us copy today in the name of Western and European culture as societal model in the domain of attire, is of the devil. The fallen man is prone to the devil’s culture where ever he may be on planet earth, since they are established in the spiritual realms by demons, and just materialized in the physical. In my broad knowledge of history, the Europeans and westerners some years back, up held divine moral attire naturally flowing from their hearts. And even today, the moral ones still do that. The Germanic people, the Francs, Spanish, Anglo-Saxon etc.., upheld virginity until marriage as a societal model in the early centuries. Instead our so called Christians of today, run after erotic dresses inspired by the devil and pretend to say “God sees only the heart and not what we wear”. Yes, what we wear is a reflection of what is inside, because we dictate the color of light in a house from that which reflects outside. Quite often I’m really ashamed of what some of us the so called “born again” in Christ put on. Look brethren, the fallen man still has buried deep in his conscience, the holy norms of God, and that is why repentance is possible. All what Satan does is to use every means possible(spiritual and physical ) to block it from re-shinning to the surface. Our role as born again children of God, is equally to do every thing possible(spiritual and physical), to provoke and influence it’s re-shinning to the surface. PRAYERS: -Heavenly father, we pray that you open the eyes of your saints all over the four corners of the world, to realize the necessity of attacking this devil’s strongest weapon of enslavement which is sexual immorality at the roots, which is the growing youths. -Touch your servants all over the four corners of the earth in charge of your flock in various assemblies, and inspire them to promote youth's virginity till marriage, through various practical ways possible. -May you raise up special instruments according to your heart all over the earth, and put in their hearts the burning need to move ministries towards this direction, and do it in a special way directed by you, as to produce great impact. -We pray that you put a spiritual veil on the eyes of our growing youths from seeing and admiring the sexual mode of a collapsing world at the edge of destruction, as a role model to follow. -May you open the eyes of their minds spiritually to see sex before marriage as a degrading, and destructive practices against their own very being. -Father, as you open the eyes of their minds to see, put in their hearts your own very hatred for pre-marital sex, and revolt their entire being against it. Continue to pray as the Holy Spirit may lead you…. I will advise any parent and youth reading this exhortation and prayer, to visit my blog and read the reasons why God placed the HYMEN in the female’s genital organ(Open debate topic N° 3). Open date N° 5: How do we proceed in the choice of a life mate as to assure a successful Christian marriage?

Ezra Jul 12, 2010 4 評論

From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea PRE-NOTES: “…GREED, EGOISM AND INDIVIDUALISM ARE FUNDAMENTAL FORMS OF WORLDLINESS IN THE CHURCH OF TODAY.” Today, the way of dressing is not the only fundamental threat to the church, but worse of all: Greed, egoism and individualism. What we have noticed is that the devil has been intelligently working very hard in one way or the other to maintain in captivity even those believers who sincerely want to live a holy life according to the precepts of God. This new form of worldliness: egoism and individualism are seriously plaguing the saints of Christ today. Believers have closed their eyes on these fundamental forms of worldliness. They have taken egoism and individualism, as a normal way of life. John Wesley said: “Do not waste any part of so precious a talent, merely in gratifying the desire of the eye, by superfluous or expensive apparel, or by needless ornaments. Waste no part of it in curiously adorning your houses; in superfluous or expensive furniture; in costly picture, painting, gilding … Lay out nothing to gratify the pride of life, to gain the admiration or praise of men … ‘So long as thou doest well unto thyself, men will speak well of thee. So long as thou art ‘clothed in purple and fi ne linen’, and fairest ‘sumptuously every day’, no doubt many will applaud thy elegance of taste, thy generosity and hospitality. But do not buy their applause so dear. Rather be content with the honor that cometh from God (Wesley works. Sermon 50). We do all of these, without judging our attitudes. For instance in our Churches of today, Acts 4:32-35 is non existent: “Now the company of those who had believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things which he possessed was his own but they had everything in common. And with great power the apostle gave their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all. There was not a needy person among them, for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the proceeds of what was sold and laid it at the apostles feet; and distribution was made to each as any had need”. “…If I didn’t, how could I then face God? What could I say when God comes to judge me.. “ I have never refused to help the poor, never have I let widows live in despair or let orphans go hungry while I ate. All my life, I have taken care of them. When I found someone in need, too poor to buy cloths, I would give him clothing made of wool that had come from my own flock of sheep….. Because I fear God’s punishment, I could never do such a thing……… I have never trusted in riches or taken pride in my wealth…….. I invited strangers into my home and never let them sleep in the streets……” Job 31:13-25 -To keep huge sums in banks, when people are in great need around us and others perishing for lack of means to reach them with the gospel. -To keep two, three, four cars parked in our garage, while brethren around don’t even have a bicycle and many track kilometers on foot or pay costly to go by public transport, to save souls from perishing. -To have a huge house with many unoccupied rooms, while there are brethren around us unable to rent a room and some go around begging for places to past the night, while others sleep in the streets. -To have our refrigerator always parked full , and we and our dogs and cats eat and throw food, while there are brethren around us barely struggling to survive on a piece of bread a day, and others go to feed from the durst bin. - To be largely over weighted(which is not natural but because of the love for food), be a male pregnant man who will never give birth because of the sin of gluttony(love for food), while many are chaffing around us. -To have your woo drop parked full with cloths while many brethren go around us almost naked. - To have our shoe stairs parked with shoes while many brethren go around us bear footed or nearly bear footed. Etc……….. And we say: “ The bible says we shall be the head and not the tail”, is terrible wickedness. Why are we only the head and not the tail in amassing things for ourselves, and not the head in: - Generosity - Prayers and fasting -Giving in for the Lord’s service -Meditation and reading of the word etc….? Yes, because this is really the spiritual significance of being the head and not the tail. We will all agree that the Lord Jesus Christ was the head and not the tail in all of these, and not in amassing things for himself. We should equally be like him, since we are claiming to be his. Listen brethren, we are ignorantly serving the devil and deceived that we are serving the Lord. If really we are of the Lord, we will be like him in nature. Our selfishness, greed and individualism, is clear prove that we do not know the Lord. The old nature is still there and very active showing that we are still of the devil despite all the confession we can make of having believed in Jesus Christ. We should not be self deceived, the Lord says plainly on that day he will say that he didn’t know us because we didn’t do the will of his father(Matthew 7:21-23). We are like the rich man of Matthew 19, and what we are calling “believing in Christ”, is some mental morality which we are practicing just like he was doing, and not life in Christ. And the Lord is telling us now just as he told the rich man” Go and sell all that you have and give the money to the poor”. Yes, for us to really follow Jesus and enter eternal life, we must repent and start sharing all that we have stocked piled for ourselves to the needy around us. Acting as such, will be transferring them into the heavenly bank. Don’t stock them in greed, selfishness and individualism for the pride of this rotten world at verge of destruction, and lost your soul in the lake of fire. Brethren, in normal human homes, some one who has wealth but his family members are in misery, is called a wicked man. If men can consider things as such, how more then will God consider us who claim to have believed in Him? To stock money and live in comfort and ease while people are living in misery around us and souls are perishing, is the most horrible thing a man should do. Equally however, there are some greedy poor people who dream of huge sums of money as the only possible means of happiness. They dream of this and that, and minimize the little they have. Their belief is that, if they have huge sums of money, a large house, a nice car etc.., it is only then that they can find happiness. This is self seduction. With a financially poor greedy man, it is only a financially rich greedy man that can make him understand that, happiness can never be found in wealth. PRAYERS: -Heavenly father, we are guilty of greed, selfishness, and individualism. -We confess that these idols of our hearts, have been leading us to sin against you, and we have been falsely confessing with our lips that we love you. How can we pretend to love you when we do not love those living around us? - We repent from these evil practices and beg that you blot off the registered charges against us with the blood of Jesus. - Father, we surrender our wicked sinful hearts on your alter of circumcision that it should be deeply circumcised from these idols. - Given that no one can throw what his nature loves, we pray that you put in our hearts your own hatred for these idols so that we can hate them and get ride of them from our hearts. - We beg you to do this father, so that we may receive a new heart possessed by your love for brethren so that, we will love one another in sharing what you give us, just as you loved us and shared Christ with us that we may be saved. -May our hearts receive your inflaming divine love for brethren, so as to for ever consume our hearts in loving each other in sharing, until we come to be with you for eternity. When the Lord has given us hatred against these idols, we get into prayer of authority against the wicked one and this his evil nature, and totally overthrow them from our hearts. If it was fortunate to have the book : Imminent End of the world, it would have been very good to help us, because much of this has been handled in it. But however let us just continue to pray on as the Holy Spirit may lead us. Open debate N° 4: Is Divorce and remarriage permitted? NO!!!! and YES!!!! Check my blog as usual for what divine scriptural inspiration says, after a week.

Moisés Barbosa Jun 16, 2010 1 評論

Dear Father, I ask you please bless all the people around the world that needs you, give them your peace and grace. I ask you bless me and my hole family. In the name of Jesus Christ amen! Thanks Jesus

vava Mar 06, 2010 5 評論

. Let no one deceive himself. If anyone thinks that he is wise among you in this world, let him become a fool, that he may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. 1 Corinthians 3:18-19 (World English Bible) Oh My Heavenly Father,now i am coming before you.........You gave me everything what i asked....You gave me knowledge,intelligent,good parents,friends,brothers and sisters....You gave me everything what i need ...Lord i know that you will give everything in my future life what i ask But My Lord ,This time i am coming before you with a prayer to make me a fool just like St.Paul says..........Lord more than what i need ,i am asking you ,help me to become a fool for you.....everywhere,every time for My Crucified Christ...Lord I need you ....Lord not for my glory but for YOU.....Lord with My tears i am here............................Amen ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Не позвольте никому обманывать себя. Если любой думает, что он мудр среди Вас в этом мире, позвольте ему становиться дураком, что он может стать мудрым. Поскольку мудрость этого мира - глупость с Богом. 1 Послание к коринфянам 3:18-19 (Мировая английская Библия) О Мой Небесный Отец, теперь я приезжаю перед Вами......... Вы дали мне все, что я спросил.... Вы дали мне знание, интеллектуальных, хороших родителей, друзей, братьев и сестер.... Вы дали мне все, в чем я нуждаюсь... Бог я знаю, что Вы дадите все в моей будущей жизни, что я спрашиваю Но Мой Бог, на сей раз я приезжаю прежде, чем Вы с молитвой, чтобы обмануть меня точно так же как С-Пол говорите.......... Бог больше чем, в чем я нуждаюсь, я спрашиваю Вас, помочь мне стать дураком для Вас..... всюду, каждый раз для Моего Замученного Христа... Бог я нуждаюсь в Вас.... Бог не для моей славы, а для ВАС..... Бог с Моими слезами я здесь............................ Аминь ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Lassen Sie keinen sich vormachen. Wenn irgendjemand denkt, dass er unter Ihnen in dieser Welt klug ist, lassen Sie ihn ein Dummkopf werden, dass er klug werden kann. Weil der Verstand dieser Welt Albernheit mit dem Gott ist. 1 Korinther 3:18-19 (englische Weltbibel) Oh Mein Himmlischer Vater jetzt komme ich vor Ihnen......... Sie gaben mir alles, was ich fragte.... Sie gaben mir Kenntnisse, intelligente, gute Eltern, Freunde, Geschwister.... Sie gaben mir alles, was ich brauche... Herr ich weiß, dass Sie alles in meinem zukünftigen Leben geben werden, was ich frage Aber Mein Herr dieses Mal komme ich, bevor Sie mit einem Gebet, um mich gerade wie der St Paul zum Narren zu haben, sagen.......... Herr mehr als, was ich brauche, frage ich Sie, helfe mir, ein Dummkopf für Sie..... überall jedes Mal für Meinen Gekreuzigten Christus zu werden... Herr brauche ich Sie.... Herr nicht für meinen Ruhm, aber für SIE..... Herr mit Meinen Tränen bin ich hier............................ Amen ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... . No deje a nadie engañarse. Si alguien piensa que él es sabio entre usted en este mundo, déjele hacerse un tonto, que él puede hacerse sabio. Ya que la sabiduría de este mundo es la tontería con Dios. 1 Corinthians 3:18-19 (Biblia inglesa Mundial) Ah Mi Padre Divino, ahora no vengo antes de usted......... Usted me dio todo lo que pregunté.... Usted me dio conocimiento, padres inteligentes, buenos, amigos, hermanos y hermanas.... Usted me dio todo lo que necesito... El señor sé que usted dará todo en mi futura vida lo que pregunto Pero Mi Señor, esta vez vengo antes de que usted con un rezo para ponerme en ridículo justo como San Pablo diga.......... Señor más que lo que necesito, le pregunto, me ayudo a hacerme un tonto para usted..... en todas partes, cada vez para Mi Cristo Crucificado... Señor le necesito.... Señor no para mi gloria pero para USTED..... Señor con Mis rasgones estoy aquí............................ Amén

Kaytee Feb 22, 2010 2 評論

Thank you all, my dear Contacts for praying with me when my Aunty went in for eyes surgery. It was successful. Join me in thanking God for His unfailing LOVE for my family. Bless you all.

Kaytee Jan 21, 2010 1 評論

On Monday,25th January, I will be taking my Aunt to the Hospital for eye surgery. I desire your prayers that God, the Perfect Surgeon will see her through. Thank you for always praying with me. God bless you.

Light for the Children Nov 17, 2009 1 評論

"It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. So watch yourselves" (Luke 17: 2-3) Dear Father, we sometimes overlook them, as they are little ones, busy with our daily schedule we dont' care what message we carry across; but they do see us and what we are and do and say will forever be imprinted on their minds. It can make them stumble, it can lead them into sin, it can hurt them and embitter them and keep them from knowing lasting relationships, from things that have value for now and forever. They may see themselves as expendable and life as cheap. Your Father-image in their minds may be blurred. The father of the lie instead may lie in wait and seize his evil opportunity. Within one generation God may not be known anymore. Your Son told us to watch ourselves, because He knew both a real Father and the fathers of this world. We open our hearts in stillness and surrender to You, in the Name of Jesus Christ, so that your Holy Spirit may overpower us, fill us and indwell us, that we may listen and rebuke and forgive, and be newly formed in the only Image which will not cause to stumble, but which will lead to light and life. Amen.

Needy Nov 02, 2009 1 評論

Hi Dear In Christ. Thank you Very Much for praying , that was precious time , God spoke to every one of them. And it took 2 hours to just describe " The sources God uses to communicate." And we had to divide that whole teaching into 5 episodes . Now Keep praying for me especially on every Saturday because I have to complete that topic. And finally if God will guide and allow me to lay hands to impart blessings then I will do so. May God open their ears to hear His voice.

Kyli Oct 31, 2009 2 評論

Lord, You know my needs. Please strengthen my faith, hope and love in You. For you are the giver of life. In your name, there's power to renew and transform. Renew oh Lord in me the desires of your heart. Strengthen what remains; draw me close to you. Let not the enemy have any strongholds on me and my family. I break them in Jesus Name. Overflow me with your Joy once again. In God's mighty name, amen.

Light for the Children Oct 26, 2009

A Prayer for Suffering Children Posted: 25 Oct 2009 12:53 AM PDT Ever-watching Father: we pray for the suffering children whom we do not see. We know that your eyes see their tears, that your heart knows their sorrow, that your hands can reach them now. We remember that Jesus was once a child, that poverty stole his bread, that tyrants sought his life, that his mother tasted tears. We ask you to send friends for the lonely, food for the hungry, medicine for the sick, saviors for the enslaved, rescue for the perishing. Give us the wisdom to do our part, share our possessions, leave our comforts, lend them our voice, send them our food, love them with more than prayers. We call on you in the name of your child Jesus. Amen. (HT – Tony Kummer)

johnzonj Oct 22, 2009 6 評論

Dear friends in Cross.Tv !!! Praise the Lord....Lord has answered our prayer....There is no word to thank, each one who prayed for my son. Realy a miracle was happened 7 days ago. few sisters of china, koria belongs to Good news international youth ministry, met my son and given counciling for salvation. Dramatic change happened to him.Now He become child for Jesus. Today he went with them to participate youth conference at Nagaland to have spiritual feed from Pastor.Ock soo Pack ( Founder of International Youth Fellowship). on a week crusade at Nagaland. Please keep him in prayer to fulfill Thy will in ministry. Once again I thank U all With Joy in Him, Johnson Jacob The following prayer request was my Blog................. Guide my son to solvation Jul 14, 2009 Members doing Youth/Students Ministry Few years ago, I got a vision that my son doing international evangilical Ministry...everyday I'm praying for him..I don't know ..How?..and when it will happen...Now my son sucessfully compeated his engineering graduation. I want to send him to one who guide him towards solvation and to prepare him for international ministry. I think that one of my crosstv friend, who is doing youth/student ministry in India, will help me. you maybe the one.....Please send your openion..Your's in Christ.....Bro.Johnson Jacob

satyajit Oct 22, 2009 5 評論

oh my dearest, heavenly father, I pray for those children, who have no parents, who are orphans, please bless and love them all. i pray for those people, who grows our food, but they have no food to eat, they also need your blessings and love. I pray for those people, who make palace, church, temple, mosque, but they have no house for their shelter, please bless and love them too. I pray for those people, who have lost their dear peoples, please give them strength to overcome their painful periods. oh, God, my dear lord, my dearest heavenly father, please accept your son,s prayer. Amen.

sambhu Oct 11, 2009 7 評論

Oh almighty god & heavenly father, All the natural & human resources are yours, You have given the resources for all the living beings, which is sufficient for human society for food,shelter and clothes, Oh almighty god & hevanly father, Still most of the humanbeings are in search of food, Though plenty of food are available in the market, But the have not people are deprived to get, Who is responsible for it? Oh god and heavenly father, Many are in search of shelter and moving from place to place, A plenty of land are lying vacant without utilisation, But the have not people are unable to get it, Who is responsible for it? Oh almighty god and heavenly father, Many are in search of clothes, But they fail to get it though plentily available in the market, Who is responsible for it, Oh almighty God and heavenly father, While moving around the town, I see plenty of resources meant for people are lying in the Show room, But the people are unable to get it except few those who have paper notes, Who is responsible for it? Oh my almighty god and heavenly father, Only the faulty man made rules and regulations are responsible for it, The holy Bible speaks that you will come again to the earth, Please come and solve all the problems, which is possible within the available resources.

Cyril Jacob Sep 28, 2009 1 評論

Dear Father, You are more near to me even than myself. You know me more than me. I am in trouble and I want you to take me out of it. I want to be like my elder brother Jesus, only you can help me so kindly send your Holy Spirit to help me. I want to see you, so help me to be pure like your desire for me. I want to help others and be a blessing for this world like Jesus, help me. I want to be fill of Holy Spirit all the time, help me. I want my family be like Jesus, help them. Kindly heal my father in law, so there might me no need of Angioplasty. In Jesus name. Amen

FaithDami Aug 24, 2009 1 評論

Glory to our father God through his son Jesus Christ. All power and dominion belongs to him. I am praying for God to manifest his glory and power afresh in the lives of his ministers world wide. I pray for new revelation, new annointing, the activation of spiritual gifts in the ministry of all believers. I pray for the power of God to be manifest afresh in the church & for the edificatiobn of the body of Christ. May God raise up men to stand in the gap and proclaim the gospel without fear or favor. may the truth of God be proclaimed on the highways & in the by ways. may repentance and the remmission of sins that comes through faith in Jesus Christ and the word of God be preached more frequently. May the blood of Jesus Christ be applied to every heart that is perplexed, to ever soul that is oppressed, to every sickness, to every situation that is unlike God in all believers life right now, in the name of Jesus be healed, be delivered, be set free, for who the son set free is free indeed. I thank God for hearing and answering prayer. Praise the Lord. May God bless you all.

Kyli Aug 16, 2009

Typhoon Morakot has hit Taiwan and caused severe damage on Aug. 7th,2009. The levels of rainfall broke records, reaching between 2,500 and 2,900 millimeters in the past few days, levels higher than that of the flood on Aug. 7, 1959 which killed more than 600 people, mostly in the southwest. Please kindly pray for the people who are still suffering. Let us hope that the people of Taiwan will survive and recover from the damage with faith and love.

Udale Aug 09, 2009 8 評論

That God should enlarge my coast both physically and spiritually by giving me the strength ,wisdom and insight to cope with the raging storm of this life

Light for the Children Aug 02, 2009 8 評論

Father, we remember before your throne of grace mothers who have to bring up their children alone as the fathers choose not to be part of it; deliver them from alcohol, indifference, indiscipline, and call them to follow You; in the name of Jesus Christ to Whom all power in heaven and earth was given. So be it.

Needy Jul 17, 2009 1 評論

Hi Dear In Christ, Please pray Mr. Christopher, he is a very good friend of mine. He has been married for last 3 years, but no issue of Offspring. There is medical problem in his reports not in his wife's reports. 65% sperms are required for conceiving but only 12-15 % are active. Please pray may God bless Mr. Christopher and his wife. Amen!

Kyli Jul 16, 2009 1 評論

Lord, We pray for our family members to love each other more. We ask for your forgiveness in our disobedience. We need more of your compassion to love the unlovables. We cast down our cares upon you and take up your yoke, which is light. We cast down our negative and defeating thoughts and put in our minds Lord your positive words which are good and pure. We pray against the devil's work; we bind the strong man in Jesus name. We ask that you break the grounds that's been given to the devil and reclaim them back to you, Lord in Jesus name. Remind us of the truth victory in Christ. Let us not use the excuse of being busy to avoid doing the right things and honor our parents. Revive our spirit and ignite us once again. In you all things are possible. Every matter is small in your mighty hands. We give ourselves to you again. As we remain in you, please remain in us for that is our source of life. Happiness is in the Lord.

davidchosen Jun 29, 2009 31 評論

Please pray for our team full time Missionary for Jesus. .We have a great Job and responsibility of the people we are winning for Jesus. Its hard territory here and challenging.As Servants of Jesus we are humbled to say We are blessed by Jesus to Reach Desperate people in my region who are searching for God...We want to Give them Jesus and show them Jesus really cares..And his love is the answer ! Please pray for Elixir and me to be Focused in Jesus and live in Jesus and serve him Faithfully without any boundaries..for Jesus..We are both as team On fire , truly Dedicated and All for Jesus team.We both want to conquer this world for Jesus and have laid down our lives to Jesus. for full time Mission....All Glory, Power, and Praise be to the one who created us as his vessels for these last days before his second Coming..Thank you Jesus..God Bless you My friends in Jesus..We love you..

Bomsire Oct 21, 2008 4 評論

Heavenly Father, I thank you that you are an ever present help in times of trouble. I pray that you will come to the help of those in need of you in diverse ways. I thank you that you reward those who deligently seek you. Today i pray for myself, my family and my Christian brothers and sisters out there. I pray that you will open the flood gates of heaven and pour your wisdom, and understanding into our lives. I pray that you will safeguard us in the blood of your son Jesus and hide us from the enemy. May we dwell in you forever and ever and may we never fall short of your glory. Help us to stand firm in you and flee the enemy and sin, that we may be righteous and found in you when you return. In Jesus name I pray with thanksgiving. Amen!