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Kate Mamodu-Alaiyemola




Am a Nigerian, living in the Northern part of Nigeria. Right now, it is tough for the Christians in this Part of the country. There is an Islamic Sect called BOKO HARAM( meaning "Western |更多


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Jul 13, 2009

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ISAIAH 61 vs 3(TLB)
"To all who mourn in Israel,HE will give: Beauty for ashes,Joy instead of mourning,Praise instead of heaviness. For God has planted them like strong and graceful Oaks for HIS own glory."

What is that thing that is dead that you are mourning about in your life?
What have you lost that you have put on sackclothes for?
What has made you to put on Ashes of mourning?

The LORD is giving you Beauty for Ashes.
He is restoring you.
He is giving you Joy in place of that mourning.
He is putting Praise in your mouth in place of the heaviness.

HE will do all these for you for HIS own glory. You are created for His pleasure,and He does not take pleasure in Ashes,Mourning, and Heaviness of heart. He will do that which pleases HIM in your life.