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Augustine Shadab



I have experienced the Lord Jesus Christ as a personal savior in1985 when I became deadly serious in a street fight but Lord met me when I was dying on the road and saved me from the death and extended my life to live more as man of God. Lord has forgiven me and washed me with His precious blood, He pore-down His love & Spirit and made me a new man and Christ's Ambassador for the present world.

In the same year I had been introduced in Operation Mobilization Team through to a brother in Christ. OM team is an evangelical team based in England and its working around the world as well as in Pakistan. OM moves as traveling team, men team, women team, book shop team, etc. I started my earlier ministry works as an evangelist with OM and evangelized three big provinces, Punjab, Sindh and Northern Areas in Pakistan. We have distributed thousands of gospel packets among Non-Christian and shared about forgiveness and love of God to them. Everyday OM traveling team reaches shop to shop and door to door for evangelism, distributing gospel packets and never missed any opportunity to share that how Lord has changed our lives. It was a great probation period to all OM-errs where Holy Spirit polished us very well through to strong resistance, jail, beaten by religious extremists many times.

I quit from OM when I completed my committed period with OM and left the team in December 1986 and got married in January 1987 with a born-again girl Rubina and Lord has blessed us with five beautiful daughters.

After many prayers and long conversation with the Lord I shifted in Karachi in 1990 and started my first job in Karachi with UNHCR and continue worked as an evangelist with many Churches and finally the hands of the Master Potter gave me a new shape as Pastor in the year of 2000 after accomplished pastoral education from Jesus Christ Foundation Ministry, Holland and ordained by Dr. Samuel Lee who is the founder and Chairman of the said ministry.

I started to serve the Lord as Pastor in 2007 and become successful to registered "Christ's Ambassadors Ministry Pakistan" which is based in Karachi upon 2nd Corinthians chapter 05 and verse 20. CAMP was started as home cell Church and Lord has increased the number of its members day by day which becomes a big Church presently who has many families and Lord is adding more and more everyday.

We are officially authorized to plant Churches and develop Evangelical Traveling Team, Bible Schools, Colleges, Technical Training Centers, Education Centers, and Medical Centers at the various locations of our homeland but presently moving according to our available resources.

We are interested to invite other co-workers of the Lord to work with us if lead by the Holy Spirit.

If you are interested then please free to contact with the under singed.

Thanking you in anticipation

Servant of the Lord

Pastor Augustine Shadab

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The Power of Worship - Amazing Testimony!

We recently came across this video that was truly inspiring and a testament to our God’s power! We wanted to share it with you and asked Stefan for a first hand account of what happened.   W…

May God bless you abundantly, yes God is so good :)

family for the kingdom

Thank you man of God, please communicate i would like to share more us partner in the ministry.reply thanks.


Also to you richly

family for the kingdom

Thank you very much for visiting this web side ,in case you received this email please respond, i feel their are a lot to discuss with you, us a marketer us you know the work of God without money is hard, i need your assistance to advice thanks God for you amen .reply.




LiveAdam 在你影片Second Teaching India and Pakistan上寫了評論

My dear sister in the Lord! your message is good and very encouraging but if you like to know the real depth of the water? jump into the water and visit to Pakistan where God has placed His front line warriors who are not scared to die. Just a Servant of the Lord (From the Islamic Land)

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