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Елена  Быкова

Elena|Russian Federation

подвигом добрым подвизаться,течение совершить,веру сохранить и венец правды получить


Я молюсь: Чтобы Бог пробудил женщин в мире, чтобы слышать голос Господа, и подняться в храбрости, чтобы |更多


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Our continent FOR THE LORD!!!
A PRAYER breaking!
THE CAUCASUS, Elbrus Mountain – 2010: the project “CLIMBING”
We invite all the prayer movement and the mission of the partnership in this project!

“Climb a high mountain, Zion. You're the preacher of good news. Raise your voice. Make it good and loud, Jerusalem. You're the preacher of good news. Speak loud and clear. Don't be timid! Tell the cities of Judah, "Look! Your God!"
Isa 40:9
In the CAUCASUS, at Europe’s highest peak, Elbrus, there will take place:
1.The prophetic prayer CONFERENCE: “Succession of generations”
2.24-hour prayer, worship, declamation of the Word of God!
3.Preparations for a climb to the top of Mount Elbrus which will take place in 2011 (elevation 5642 m) for those ministers who pass acclimatization and training requirements.

Planned dates: 12-19 of August 2010
Everyone who is called by God can participate this year: 2010 is the year to give the vision of joining teams which will be on three elevation levels in the future!
Why are we continuing this project?

Iniquity has been accumulating on this earth over the centuries. In order to destroy these we will need to take up the battle with prayer! We can only pray to break the central strongholds (curses) with the support of the body of Christ throughout Europe and Asia and especially in those countries which surround Elbrus. We believe that God will send from each country representatives to pray on the mountain. This widespread prayer battle will take over all of Europe and Asia through repentance, intercession, and worship. We cannot retreat and cede our conquered territory to the enemy.

God wants to save people and wants to bring an overall revival throughout the earth starting in Russia and continuing across the whole world.
So if you want to be a part of this movement join us!!!
From history: in 2009 the foundational prayer was prayed at the saddle of Elbrus (elevation 5360 m) where the team of 16 people went. They dedicated in prayer the earth to God by repentance, breaking the curses of anti-Semitism and the aftermath of the dedication of Europe to the devil.

The events of 1942 made this possible. Mount Elbrus is considered to be not only a mythical place, but due to its symbolic import as the highest peak in Europe, it was the field of fierce battle in the years of World War II. Before the Battle of Stalingrad Hitler announced a sacrifice to the devil: he ordered that all Jews be gathered from all the cities of the Caucasus-Mineral Waters Region and be shot to death in the city of Mineral’nye Vody. Approximately 12,000 Jews were killed. On the 21st of August, 1942 during the Battle for the Caucasus units of the German mountain infantry division “Edelweiss” occupied the mountain bases “Krugozor” and “Shelter-11” and on Elbrus’ west peak set up Nazi banners soaked in the blood of the murdered Jews. In the middle of the winter of 1942-1943 the Fascist army was forced from the slopes of Elbrus, and the Soviet alpinist fighters set up red flags.
One of the reasons for the Fascist retreat was described in an episode of Norman Grabba’s book “Intercessor.” Before the Battle of Stalingrad God told Reese Howells and intercessors in Wales to start to pray for Russia, warning that if the Fascists would win in the Stalingrad battle then Fascism would spread all across Europe. Therewith, through the Caucasus a straight path to the Biblical land of Israel was opened.
The Battle of Stalingrad was fought for each centimeter of its land.
And only after two weeks of intense prayer the intercessors understood that they had had a spiritual victory, stopped praying, and started to thank God. In a few days they got word that the German army had retreated.

The details of the 2010 project:
The conference will take place at an elevation of 2000m at the foot of Elbrus at the tour base “Shkhel’da.” The anointed ministers participating are:
ROSEMARIE KLAUSSEN –a women with a unique destiny, the goddaughter of Adolf Hiter, the daughter of a Nazi general who saved the Jews and was tortured by the Gestapo. God has revealed real miracles in her life. For about 20 years she and her husband served pastors and ministers throughout the world through the ministry “Reconciliation.”
BORIS SAULOVICH GRISENKO—Senior Pastor of the Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation, which is the largest in the world. God has revealed miracles and healings in this congregation. The congregation is known in many corners of the world.
DERICK GITSHEM—The ministry “The World for Christ,” England.
MIKHAIL IVANOVICH KINDRUK—The Ministry of rehabilitation and healing PS23.
VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVICH GOLOLOBOV –The Bishop of the Kalmyk diocese of the Evangelical Church of Christ MC ???
VLADIMIR ALEKSANDEROVICH KHVALOV –Bishop for the South Federal District of the Russian Federation, senior pastor of the Church of “Christ the Savior” in the city Rostov on Don.
RAFAEL TOTRAZOVICH GURDZIBEYEV—Pastor of the church “The Church of God,” the city Vladikavkaz
SERGEY CHUPRYNA - Messianic Rabbi of the Jewish community Smela, three years of serving God made real miracles - 10 resurrections from the dead, healing of AIDS, HIV, cancer, tuberculosis, new teeth, healing, hearing, etc. The communities planted more thanin 7 cities during this time.The community is 247 prayer more than two years and lengthy prayers permanent, 10, 20, 30, 60 hours.
JANDET ALBOTOVA—The coordinator for the Prayer Ministry of the Caucasus.

AS WELL AS 24 HOUR A DAY prayer, worship, declamation of the word of God!
We are planning to do one prayer group climbing to pray on the slopes of the mountain! To do that, cable road is provided to go to the elevations of 2500, 3000, 3500, 3800 meters and ratracks to go to the elevations of 4100, 4800, 5100 meters. At each elevation a small team
should stay to pray till the group from the highest point comes down!

And of course, for those who want to travel, there is a TOURIST TOUR of the most beautiful places!

EVERYONE who is going to climb the Elbrus in 2011 and who wants to stay at the elevation of 4100 meters (Shelter -11), IS REQUIRED TO pass the special trainings THIS YEAR and MAKE A TRAINING CLIMBING to the elevation of 3500 of Mount Elbrus.

Special requirements for people who want to climb:
Let us know that you want to climb Elbrus
Be physically prapared (physical endurance is required)
show us a health certificate (from your physician) that you are allowed to climb
have your pastor’s recommendation
you should be a minister at your church
you should be interviewed by organizers of this project
to pass training-acclimatizational outgoings and be selected

ONLY THOSE WHO ARE SELECTED in this year will be able to participate in climbing or to be at elevation of 4100 meters in 2011!!!

INFORMATION ABOUT PRICES: dollar rate 1$ equals 30 rubles

Staying at the base “Shkhelda” will cost:
1.in your own tents – 3,3 $ per day
2.in 5-place small houses with toilet and shower outside – 6,6 $ per day
3.in 3-place or 5-place room with comforts (toilet, shower) – 11,6 $ per day
Meal offered: breakfast and dinner – 3,3 $ per day
There is a cafй at the tour base
We encourage you to FAST!
The amount of offering (registration fee) – 16,6 $ per person
Cable road – 20 $
Ratrack – from 10 $ to 83,3 $ (depending on how high in the Mountains you want to go for praying)
Transportation (from Pyatigorsk city to Elbrus and back) – 16,6 $
Tourist tour – from about 3,3 $ to 8,3 $
Guides for training outgoings – 20 $ (for those who plan to climb in 2011)
Foreign citizens’ official (state) registration – 6,6 $
Foreign citizens’ official (state) registration – 10 & + 0,06 $ per day depending on how many days a foreigner wants to stay in Russia.

Information for the foreigners, who need visa:
You need a tourist visa with the tour plan: Moscow – Mineralnie Vody – Pyatigorsk – Prielbrusie – Elbrus. You should write down dates beginning with the day of your arrival to Moscow till the day of your departure from Russia. You need a migration card. All these you will need for your official (state) registration at the place of arrival. You need to have a copy of your passport with you.

TILL July THE 1 ST you are to register (registration form is attached) and make a first prepayment 500 rubles!!!

Information about transferring your offerings:
Offering is to be addressed to Sinelnikova Natalia Nikolaevna (date of birth the 6th of January, 1989) to Eurocitybank, Vokzalnaya street, Essentuky city, Stavropol territory, Russia. Please let us know the number of transfer, your first name, middle name and last name, the system (way) of transfer, the amount of money transferred by sending us an sms on the phone number +79283648275

A WARNING! The base “Shkhelda” is a border zone (frontier zone) and you can enter the territory only by special passing card which should be given to you in advance. So that’s why YOU NEED TO REGISTER IN ADVANCE!
Please if you have any questions contact us by phone number +7928653 96 30 – Anna (the name of a person to contact) and by e-mail fwd.msk@gmail.com put the subject of your mail – Elbrus 2010
Details of “climbing – 2009” see on our website http://www.baruhaba.org.ua/?p=472
PMC – Prayer Ministry of the Caucasus “Prepare the way”
Coordinator Jandet Albotova (PWC)


Happy birthday Elena!


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