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Use cross.streaming as your video streaming provider for

  • Video on Demand delivery: to brand your own TV-Show and to add a media archive and player section to your websites.
  • 24/7 Streams: creating a 24/7 stream with all your uploaded videos and
  • Live Streaming: for your live events, such as church services, conferences, concerts, special events, and everything else you put your mind to.

You can make use of all these streaming products right here on All you need is an account for your church, organization, project, your family or yourself. Every account is able to activate these PRO streaming products.

To activate any streaming product  (VoD Channel with embeddable and user styleable VoD Channel player, 24/7 Stream, Live Channels) you can try it completely free for the first month to determine if the services are for you. There are absolutely no fees, no commitment or contracts and so no there’s no risk to you! Your selected streaming product will automatically expire after the free month if you do not want to keep it, and with no hidden costs. Just activate any streaming product, have fun experimenting with the new service, and then make your decision. Once you decide to stay with your new service, the term simply moves from month to month, and without a contract or long-term commitment. We believe in our products, and we believe that you will be excited, WANTING to stay onboard, so we see no reason for forcing anyone into long-term commitments.

Anyone can do it! Streaming your videos, sermons, worship services – on demand or live – is not rocket science! Our site will guide you through simple steps, as easy as 1,2,3.  Our user friendly “PRO Features Control Center” will always give you a real time overview on your active products, their viewing stats and used video minutes.

It works like a cell phone plan: should you decide to keep a product after the 30 day free trial, you pay a monthly fee per activated channel (monthly, quarterly, annually – however you like). Starting as low as 8.40 per month, your monthly base fee includes between 2,000 and 10,000 roll over video minutes. Minutes don’t expire, but roll over and you won’t lose your minutes if you do not have any videos uploaded right away. There’s no pressure, as you are simply storing up video minutes. Every minute watched by your viewers is subtracted from your total video minute balance.

You can have multiple channels and as many as you like. All of your channels monthly minute credits are accrued on a total account minute balance and all video minutes used by your viewers are subtracted from that same minute balance. Each plan you add, adds more minutes to overall total.  This simply means the following: let’s say you have a VoD Channel and a Live Channel. Each of them add 2,000 roll over video minutes to your account every month, so 4,000 video minutes collectively. Your viewers have only watched 1,200 minutes of your VoD content, but you had an important live event that attracted more viewers than originally expected using 2,500 video minutes collectively that month with your live channel.  You are doing fine, because both channels add and subtract from the same total video minute balance. (Collective total used, 3,700 video minutes.) You now have 300 video minutes rolling over into the next month, starting you out with 4,300 video minutes for the next month! Easy isn’t it?

Think of your channels as cell phones all connected to your family cell phone account. Each account pulls minutes from the same total minute balance that roll over and are accrued every month. That’s all there is to it!

If you expect more viewers or you notice an increase in your viewership which is subtracting more video minutes that you have in your account, you can always add additional minutes. If you are serious about video streaming, we highly recommend you to add a buffer of at least 10,000 video minutes to your account right away.  This is to make sure that your channels never go offline because the channel ran out of video minutes. 10,000 video minutes only cost USD 40 and if you add a larger package to your account it just gets cheaper and cheaper…

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