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Our slogans “SHARE THE GLORY” and “AS THE WATER COVERS THE SEA” communicate our vision to those who know of Christian faith and values.

Our vision is to bring believers together from all corners of the earth, to provide innovative media streaming and social networking tools to churches, organizations, groups, families, artists and individual believers and to connect those users with new audiences near and far.

We believe that today’s communication technologies are a gift from God to His children in order to enable them to fulfill the Great Commission in our generation. We believe that the power of Internet Communication has been underestimated and that it is time for people of the Christian faith to be audible and visible online, utilizing it to its fullest potential possible.

We believe that through unity and in a Spirit of love and encouragement, all of us can make difference together online.

We believe in a selfless way to use social networking platforms – in sharing rather than taking - in contributing rather than receiving – in finding ways to offer our help to others rather than in asking for a hand out.
We want to see a positive change on the Internet and millions of believers, artists, churches and ministries to “SHARE THE GLORY” until the earth is filled with it …”AS THE WATER COVERS THE SEA!”