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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |更多


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lawrence4 (3323日前) (0)

Many people come to church with the expectation that everyone there is a Christian. Sad to say, this is so far from the truth! Some come to promote their insurance business, some come to have some thing to do. A True Christian is a rare commodity even in the church setting. You would think that the Preacher would be your best bet in finding the true soul, but again this seems to run contrary to logic. I have found most preachers have done a thing that ruined their possibility of communing with the Creator (Jesus) and God the Father. This repoduction of Solomons failure has given pastors abilities that skew their Christian faith. They believe and seem more able in this world but their ability is of the World and not of God (the Creator) This is why we must not base our relationship on people we meet at church. We must keep in mind that the Church arena is the Devils playground and we must weigh what our spirit tells us the Word teaches against what we are taught.  And then comparing all the Word to formulate a consistancy and pattern as to the true will of God.


bill13 (3283日前) (0)

I agree with this; however it sounds a bit harsh. Without doubt we need to understand there are people that are posing and hurtful to us if we let them. We know this to be true, the Bible warns us of this.


Here is the thing, I think to paint the fact of having non-Christians being in the church as a negative, misses one group and this can have a negative outcome. ,The group I am talking about is the people who come to church in the beginning. This really can be an overwhelming experience depending on what happed to get someone to walk though the doors for the first time.


If there is an overall negative feeling to the non-Christians this can absolutely give a new comer a moment of pause. These are very people we are called to help. The walk with God is a spiritual journey; much of this journey is inward. It is not helpful for any of us to assume where someone is on that walk. Some don’t think they are far enough while others seem to think they are well into their journey. Sometime, maybe many times, we don’t even know where we really are on our walk. We just think we do.


We are called to love. We do at times need to love from afar. We as Christian need to remember to try and keep our arms as wide as they are being kept for us.


drinktheblood (2908日前) (0)

I also agree that there are many among the saved not truly saved inside the church. But as a minister of our Lord Jesus Christ it is my job to preach the Word and introduce lost souls to Christ and His Salvation. I'm not the police of a person's sin nor reader into a person's real intentions when it comes to Christianity. God is the all knowing force behind the hearts of man,woman,child,and yes even beast !  It is not my concern of what the devil is doing, but more my concern in sharing all the warnings the Bible has spoken about him. Again we are messengers for Christ and love is the only thing we are to be police of when it comes to the children of God. If a person is not and he or she is controlled by Satan,then God deal with it.


marquest (2876日前) (0)

Greetings! Human family


The reality of the matter is that the religion of Christianity is not of the one true God for the Almighty God was not and is not and will not ever be the founder of Christianity. He (God) calls all humanity to be holy as he is holy which means those whom follow the religion of Christianity is following a damnable, fraudulent, and perverse way which is leading many to eternal damnation. If ye want to inherit eternal life then I advise ye all to follow the way of Holiness. (


Peace be unto you!

Marquest Burton

Nomad Grimm

Nomad Grimm (2875日前) (0)

Not the topic says, but I have a feeling that here I am alone. No one on the site. Just emptiness. It is imperative to revive it somehow. Alone as something. Maybe I'm wrong. Write, if there is anyone here.