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Security concerns about your Smart Phone?

Mar 25, 2013

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Do you remember the security concerns for cell phones BEFORE Smart Phones came out?

1. ...that someone from outside may be able to download and install a software for eavesdropping on your cell phone.

2. ...that someone may be able to find a way to extract information over the cell phone network.

3. ...that someone may be able to listen in our calls.

4. ...that you may have other important information stored on your phone which could be extracted (contacts, text messages, maybe even photos if your cell phone had a built in camera).

5. ...that certain entities may have the intelligence to load a mal-software onto your cell phone which might even allow them to follow your key-strokes and retrieve the PIN code, text messages and numbers you are dialing.

6. ...that someone could listen in on your conversations unless you removed the battery.

7. ...that whoever might listen in would record certain conversations.

Didn't those concerns sound a bit ridiculous and paranoid?

Even if you never thought about it - but all of those concerns have become obsolete, now that you have a Smart Phone. You don't have to worry about it any more because:

1. It isn't necessary any longer for someone to find a way to secretly sneak a software into your phone. New software is being downloaded all the time with every new update your phone downloads and with every app you download.

2. There is no more need to extract anything: all data on your phone is already an open book. In fact, you are graciously assisting by automatically syncing your data to cloud server networks. Thank you by the way!

3. Your Smart Phone is the most advanced eavesdropping device there is. Its powerful microphones transmit all your noises 24/7 - whether you place a call or not and it all runs through very accessible server networks, where it comfortably can be listened to by anyone authorized. It is wonderful how it can be entirely remote controlled from outside. Yay!

4. It is wonderful how you have really everything stored on your phone: contacts, text messages, photos, videos, audio files, your life's itinerary in your calendar - pretty much everything that could be of interest to certain entities.

5. The good thing is that your Smart Phone not only has keys, but a touch screen and its entire surface is already read by the software on the phone. So, there is no need for any outside entity to install any additional software. The operating system of your phone is already taking care of it and you are also checking bank accounts, facebook and other various informative resources on your phone. Each password and passcode you enter is followed by the screen of your phone and stored in its software.

6. Don't worry about it: you can't remove your battery anyways and your Smart Phone transmits both audio and video 24/7 (from microphone, front and back camera) and you can't stop it anyway, unless you completely crush, destroy and burn your Smart Phone - but even then - it's really hard to destroy it enough for it to stop transmitting at least audio.

7. You don't have to be concerned that certain conversations may be recorded by any entities listing in, because ALL of your conversations are already being recorded by your cell phone carrier and in some cases even by the manufacturer and they have among the most extensive server networks and storage systems, even though they may not store your conversations forever - but at least between 6 and 12 months.

As you see - all of our security concerns from the times BEFORE Smart Phones (during a time when humans had phones with keys and removable batteries) have completely vanished.

It is no question any longer whether or not an entity from outside may be able to gain access to your phone, control it and listen or watch, but only whether or not there is an entity that may be interested it in doing it.

So, relax, and just ask yourself the question "am I interesting enough for any reason?"