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Mar 09, 2011

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"Lock your shields!
Stay as one!

As one!
Well done!"

These lines from the movie script of Hollywood Blockbuster "Gladiator" (source ) spoke to me this morning. I was reminded of this epic battle scene while thinking about "attacks" and "pressure" from outside (or "the other side" for that matter). I have rearly experienced the kind of battle as during past years and I think it very much has to do with what I have been working on during the recent years. It must have alarmed some opposing forces increasingly. I know many of my blog readers are in a similar situation. That's why I would like to share this with you.

Alright. So here is the story:

The Gladiators find themselves in the arena to be attacked and killed by the evil opposition. In this particular case the Gladiators are heroes. They had been taken captive because they were considered an increasing threat to the evil regime that controlled society, its people and how they think and what they believe. The Gladiators - in this case - were victims of the evil regime, which is trying to have them killed in order to stop their influence in leading people out of the regime's bondage and into freedom. Are you involved in projects to lead people from bondage to freedom, from defeat to victory? Then surely you are a threat to the "regime"! Have you wondered why you seem to be "at peace" whenever pulling back and enjoying rest and quiet in the zone of comfort, while finding yourself heavily engaged in battles beyond your control, as soon as you step out onto the field, facing the giants, making a difference, moving forward in your destiny and calling?

You should not be surprised. It is very much to be expected of course. You are no threat to the "regime" as long as you live a quiet life behind the scenes, coping with status quo, not engaged in bringing forth change. However, step out and show your face, start leading people into freedom. building new structures, ministries, projects inspired by the goodness of God and - WAMM - you will face the regime's opposition.

They will hunt you down, trying to discourage you, trying to beat all hope and faith out of you, trying to send you betrayers and utilize people around you to discourage you even more. You will immediately become a target, once you start taking any kind of action that makes you a threat to the regime.

Maybe you will end up feeling captured and placed into battles beyond your control, battles you did not seek, battles you never wanted to fight - just like the Gladiators in this epic Hollywood production. 


"Lock your shields!

Stay as one!
As one!"

As you face your attacking enemy, as you get ready for the attack: LOCK YOUR SHIELDS WITH THE PEOPLE GOD HAS PLACED AT YOUR SIDE, FIGHTING ALONG WITH YOU. Look for these people. Search for them and... LOCK YOUR SHIELDS!

Whenever you see one of your brothers or sisters attacked: lock your shields and defend them. Fight for them. If someone who is working alongside you feels attacked, overwhelmed, defeated, hopeless or faithless - do not lose heart. Stay strong and fight for them. LOCK YOUR SHIELDS. STAY AS ONE! HOLD ON! AS ONE!

If you are in this situation right now, or you have a friend or co-worker who is being attacked right now, stand up. I mean it. Right now - in front of your computer screen stand up. (Trust me). Get on your feet (this is crucial!). Raise one hand in the air. Take a deep breath. Inhale plenty of air. Close your eyes and visualize your friends, family, co-workers who are being attacked right now. Visualize the REAL enemy attacking them right now. Lock your shields (in your soul and spirit). And now, at the top of your lungs (or as loud as possible), with all your interceeding might, stand in the gap for your attacked friends, family, co-workers, lock shields with them and cry out loud:


One more time (and do it for real, this is utterly significant!):




(If you feel that "intercessory might" rising up inside you, start telling the devil - the evil regime, the attacker, the opposition - how much you hate them and how much he is to fear you, because HE WILL LOSE and YOU WILL WIN THIS WAR!)

If you feel this intercessory might, faith and strength rising up inside you: call your friend, family member, co-worker you have been defending right now and tell them about it. Promise them to always hold on, never to leave their side, to always lock your shields and to always defending them.

This may require courage and some overcoming of your inner "fear of man", because it may be unnatural for you to show these kinds of feelings. (especially if you are one of my male readers or you have received little encouragement from parents during childhood).

Repeat this process frequently: close the door. Get on your feet by yourself. Close your eyes. Visualize the real enemy. Visualize your attacked friend, family member or co-worker. Lock your shields (meaning "lock your hearts" as one). Defend them. And cry out: "AS ONE"!

This encouragement comes from someone who will always be "locking hearts" with everyone who wants to make a difference by utilizing technologies and arts to take down strongholds of the evil regime in the realm of Media.

Your friend,