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NRB 2011

Mar 01, 2011

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It's been some intense 3 days! Crazy! This year I did not bring a team along and came by myself. I think I won't do that again... Wink 20 hour work days 3 days straight. Meeting, after meeting - bumper to bumper, getting up at 3 am to knock out emails and company stuff before everyone else wakes up, running around the crazy Opryland resort, in and out of the exhibition floor, breakfast appointments at 7 am, lunch appointments, dinner appointments, working on sorting through business cards, action point lists, drafting up proposals at night before falling a sleep. I think I will bring a little team again next year...

Now, it was interesting though. Quite a battle to be honest - a spiritual battle of course and I felt poundered upon by the enemy side almost to a point of blank exhaustion. The craziest things happened: the worst and the best things - warring against each other. It was like victories trying to be estinguished by defeats, to be rivaled by victories, that are attacked by defeats, that are replaced by victories. Like a high-speed roller coaster ride and all along I could feel the G-forces pulling into all directions. And this resembles very much how I would describe the past months, well years, I guess. How much I wished sometimes to be able to "turn it off". Well. We overcame and won, haven't we? 

Here is the final report at the end of the day: it ended up being a victory. Very much so. This resembles my past years as well, I guess. After the greatest and extreme victories and defeats battled each other, trying to extinguish each other, and the G-forces pulled at you in every direction - the roller coaster ends up in the base station, the wind quiets, the sun comes up, the birds come out, the peace comes in. 

Alright. That was my poetic side. At the end of the day I am taking away a lot from this convention - for myself, for new relationships, new friendships, new colaborations, new projects. 

One thing I would like to highlight here and now: my hours with Carol Brooke. She has become much more than a client, than a valued user and broadcaster! It was heaven-sent. I would also like to highlight the encouraging meetings with artists such as Circleslide and John Schlitt, as well as a great dinner with Thomas Hettinger - a great friend, a meaningful round of conversation at the TWR suite, an inspiring lunch with Malcolm Turner, CTA and a very early morning meeting with David Meyer, while the hotel was still quietly asleep. There are so many more to highlight - but these I just ended up poping up my mind as I write these lines. 

Thank you to everyone who came and took time to fellowship and exchange ideas, vision, projects, support, trust, faith, encouragement, strategy. It was a wonderful time of exchange and sharing. As the exhibitors are pulling down their gear and it gets quieter in the lobbies and atriums again, some retrieved to their rooms, others checking out to catch planes or drive home, we say "good bye" to Opryland resort and, so it fits God's plans, we'll see each other again next year.