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Juanita Bynum- "You Are Great"

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| Feb 20, 2008 | 2,925 意見 | 2 最愛 |       (2 評級)

Juanita bynum- "You Are Great". Video edited by yours truly. Hope ya like it. Enjoy! To The Juanita Bynum Haters: This video is not about Juanita Bynum. Its main purpose is to show the wonderful and magnificent things that Jesus Christ our lord and Savior has done for wretches like us. I would not have used this song to create this video if I did not feel a tremendous anointing behind it. Anything that is anointed has the presence and power of God behind it, so I will support it despite what the individual who sang it has allegedly done. Please search your own heart and release yourself of your hatred and anger, for we all have fell short of God's Glory. As a Christian your main focus should be on Jesus Christ and nothing else. That is why I do not believe in idolizing any minister, pastor, evangelist, singer etc. Because it is a characteristic of the world, NOT the Body of Christ/Church. You should only Idolize GOD! Man will fail and disappoint you (yes even Ministers and Pastors etc.) but God will never leave nor forsake you. Please hear my plea STOP THE HATRED AND IDOLIZATION of others! You should only be on ONE side and that side is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I'm all about my Father(GOD) and his business! I hope and pray that it would be the same for you! kim

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